Weight Management

Some Essentials That You Must Know For Weight Management

If you want to lose the excessive weight, there are some easy weight management essentials that you need to know about. Know these things and stick to them and you shall be able to manage your weight successfully.

The scale is not the only consideration
This is the most common mistake that many of us make. Your scale will give you an exact idea of how heavy or light you are, but there are so many things that the scale will not take into account. The scale will not tell you how much of your weight is muscle and how much of it is fat. Plus the scale will not consider the amount of fluid stored in the body. Thus the scale should not be your only consideration to determine whether you are overweight or not.

Excessive cutback of calories can be bad
For anyone who desires to lose weight cutting down on calories is ‘the’ thing to do. But like excess of everything is bad, excess reduction of calories is bad too. We cannot deny the fact that our body needs food. Food not just speeds up the metabolism rate but also warm the body. Cutting down too much of calories will make you starve, which is no good in case you seek to manage weight.  But still if you are cutting down on the calorie bit, make sure that the nutrient intake is still high.

Learn to distinguish between fat and muscle
When you count your body weight, it includes both fat and muscle. It is important for you to understand that the muscle is twice as heavier as fat. But muscle requires very less space as compared to fat. This is why you only see fat sagging from the body and not muscle. So even if you weigh slightly more but look fit, you should not go for weight loss.

Weight lifting can help reduce weight
Lifting weight is perhaps the best methods to burn calories. It is because of this practice that men are able to shed weight faster than women. However, most women refrain from lifting weights because of the fear of being masculine. But this is a misconception. Women are genetically not meant to be muscular and large. Wight lifting simply adds to the muscle fiber that may have been lost due to diets.
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