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Don't Let Forced Traveling Kill Your Weight Loss Plan

Traveling for work or otherwise can be disastrous for your weight loss plan. All that hard work you have done for weeks can be rendered null and void with just a few days outside your city. You cannot control the ingredients used in the food nor can you avoid the serious temptations that are on offer at the restaurants. But you have a chance to minimize damage by observing a few rules - that is if you want to.

1. Carry water: Drink plenty of water. Water helps weight loss . Water will keep you hydrated and keep you from gulping a soda or juice. Remember: if you are thirsty, drink water. You will not feel the urge to drink anything else. Carry a plastic bottle with you on car journeys.

2. Fill up with appetizers: One way to limit your intake in a restaurant is to have a couple of appetizers. You won't need to order large portions after that. Stay away from rich oily foodstuffs.

3. Eat "healthy food": Considering that a large portion of the populace is health conscious, several healthy food restaurants have sprung up. Most restaurants now also have healthy dishes on the menu. Confirm before you go in. You can locate these restaurants with some help from your colleagues or your hotel staff. You can even plan your travel beforehand. Decide on your kind of restaurants before you leave.

4. Don't stack up with snacks: You are always tempted to do this on long journeys, but do something different now. Take a beach cooler with you if you are traveling by your own car and load up on fresh fruit and healthy sandwiches. Munch fat free snacks only.

5. Work out at the hotel: Choose a hotel that has a fitness center. Or check whether your fitness center at home has a branch in the city you are traveling to. Work out like you do everyday. If your hotel has a swimming pool, make good use of it - swimming is one of the best exercises to burn body fat. An indoor swimming pool will ensure that you get exercise no matter what the weather is outside.

6. Walk: You can walk to work if the place is not too far. It will help you acclimatize with the city too. You can check out hot spots and happenings around so that in the evening when your work is done, you can visit the places you've liked. If you have the option of walking instead of hailing a cab, do it.

7. Rent a bicycle: Bicycling is a great way to maintain a good heart rate. Hop on to a bicycle and explore the place. You can cover almost any distances with a bicycle, so you can comb the town when you are out enjoying.
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