Weight Management

Top Ten Tips for Permanent Weight Loss

If you thought losing weight was gruesome, then here are top ten tips that are going to help you lose weight smartly. These tips are made for long term weight loss.

The most important factors that contribute to both weight gain and weight loss is your food habits. Not only what you eat is important but also how you eat is also equally important. If you want to cut off that excess weight eat six small meals in a day as opposed to three grand meals. This six-portion diet not just gives you a feeling of being full but also speeds up your metabolism rate helping you loose weight easily.

#Tip 2
Junk food is perhaps one of the biggest hurdles in the way to weight loss. This sinful food comes with the tag of ‘tempting’ to lure you into your cravings. And their sumptuous tastes makes you give in leaving your weight loss goals behind. So while you are trying to lose weight, it is always better to have this junk food out of your house. Instead of junk food keep fresh fruits and vegetables readily available.

#Tip 3
Opt for condiments like mustard or extra virgin olive oil instead of mayonnaise and mayonnaise-based dressings.

#Tip 4
Weight loss supplements like Hoodia Gordnii and Caralluma Burn can also be helpful in reducing weight. These appetite suppressants quash you hunger pangs and help you reduce weight.

#Tip 5
You need not hit the gym each time to get your daily dose of exercise. Even daily chores around the home can help you burn your calories. Wash your car, oppul the weeds, water the plants, and you could be burning away those calories. The idea is to remain active.

#Tip 6
Start planning your meals. Know for yourself what you are going to e4at in the next week and prepare a shopping list of the things you need. Not doing so could mean impulse of buying in a rush, which can result in buying of unhealthy food. So plan in advance and be prepared.

#Tip 7
Losing weight is no rocket science and at times can be quite easy. For instance consuming green tea can help you lose weight. This is because green tea contains EGCG, an antioxidant. This antioxidant is known to increase your metabolism and thus reduce your weight.

#Tip 8
Exercising is a must if you really want to shed those extra pounds. Though health practitioners suggest a minimum of 30-minute cardio each day, there are some who may not be able to exercise at a stretch. In such cases, people should go in for short ten minute sessions rather than a complete thirty minute long session. Once your body gets into the groove, you can proceed to longer workouts.

#Tip 9
Eliminate fried foods/fast food from your diet or eat very sparingly. You could even use a calorie counter to check your calories.

# Tip 10
While you should watch out for what you are eating, you must also take great note of how much you are eating. It is very important to be cautious about the quantity of food that you intake. Pay attention to the sizes of portions that you consume. Divide your meals into four visual quarters. Start off by eating only three and leaving the fourth one. If you still find it difficult to control your hunger pangs, appetite suppressants such as Hoodia Gordonii can help.
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