Weight Management

Herbs to Mar Obesity

Herbs help burn fats effectively and also help lower calorie formation. There are a good number of herbal products that you can use, however you must refrain yourself from using certain herbs for weight loss. These herbs are Cola nut, Guarana and Ma Huang. These herbs may adversely affect various physiological functions of your body. More so, they primarily affect your nervous system.

However there are some safe herbs that could be used with utmost surety as their usage won't result in any of the side effect. Let’s have a look at them.

Chromium- Chromium is a natural mineral that efficiently reduces weight. This mineral performs various functions simultaneously for a unified purpose of shedding weight. However you must seek consultation of your health care provider over dosage of chromium. It primarily burns fat but also helps cure other weight gain complications such as cholesterol and hypertension. Diabetics effectively keep their weight under control with the help of chromium.

Green tea extract- It is basically an antioxidant. It also happens to reduce weight considerably. It reduces fat deposition as well as help burn existing fat.

Bladderwrack- This herb is particularly meant to influence hormones and brings in required hormonal balance to effective control appetite thus help control excessive weight gain. It reduces hyper secretion of Leptin that decreases your want for food. That results in lesser food intake and in turn lesser fat deposition.

L-Carnitine- It quickly burns fat to release energy and is used to increase body energy. By burning fat it helps shed weight.
Cordyceps- is essentially a mushroom extract. It improves the ability of your body to burn fat. This results in weight loss. In addition, it also offers a host of other benefits such as strengthened immune system, increased energy and endurance. Further on, it also improves the energy, improves the circulation and doubles the oxygen intake.

Wu Long Tea- works in more than just one to help you lose weight. It improves your metabolism thus ensuring that more calories are burnt. In addition, it also blocks the absorption of fat in the intestines. Drinking this tea on a regular basis can also improve your energy levels. It is recommended that you drink a cup of this tea each day before every meal.

Condonopis- by essence, is a mushroom. It improves the metabolism and also doubles the amount of energy used in the body.
Efficacy of above mentioned herbs has been proved already. You may use one that is best suited to you in consultation with your doctor.
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