Weight Management

Foods that will Help You Lose Weight

To lose weight, exercising alone is not sufficient. One needs to supplement exercising with eating the right type of food. Following are some types of food that you can eat in order to lose weight.

Vegetables and Fruits - They are at the top of list of all those who want to lose weight. Vegetables and fruits have a high water content, are extremely good source of fiber, vitamins and minerals. Fat presence in them is close to minimal and whatever sugar is present inside is more fructose.

Vegetables can be consumed easily, either directly after washing or after boiling. One can also prepare vegetable soups out of them. This will not be healthy and full of nutrients; it would also taste better than simply boiled vegetables. The high fiber and water content inside soups will be perfect low calorie meals to finish off the day.

Milk and milk products - Milk and milk products are extremely good source of calcium and other vital ingredients such as vitamin B-12, vitamin D, phosphorus, and magnesium. However, milk also has varied amount of fat present within it. Hence, its healthy consumption would be without this fat. To get rid of it, the milk can be boiled and then cooled. The fat will separate itself in the form of a floating layer.

One type of milk product that can be consumed to sustain weight loss is yogurt. Yogurt prepared with fat-free milk has almost zero fat content but a lot of healthy bacteria and minerals.

High fiber grains - A perfect example of this type of food group would be oatmeal. Oatmeal and other similar grains have a very content of healthy dietary fiber. This dietary fiber can help in our attempts at weight loss by slowing digestion and prolonging a feeling of fullness.

Further, such grains also have a low amount of calories and fat in them and this can cut down the amount of calories going in to our body. This would mean that the body would be forced to extract energy by burning up the fat stored inside, thereby resulting in weight loss.

Pulses and Lentils - Pulses and lentils have almost zero percent calories in them. However, they are a very rich source of protein. As we all know, proteins are made up of amino acids that help in the development of muscles inside our body. This muscle development results in an overall increase in the rate of metabolism inside our body, which gets directly translated into weight loss.

Sea food - Sea food can also help you achieve weight loss. However, you will have to stay away from those varieties that have high fat content in them (tuna fish, for example). Generally, they will have a lot of water content and added minerals, which would be good for the development of your body.

To conclude, you can eat these types of foods to keep a check on your calorie intake. However, eating fewer calories alone will not help. You will need to burn that fat which is stored in your body. Only then will you effectively lose weight. Hence, apart from eating healthy also exercise regularly.
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