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Flavor Point Diet- Cherish Taste Buds and Yet Lose Weight

Flavor point diet, is a 6 week diet plan by Dr. David L katz. It teaches you the trick to keep your brain feeling full and control your appetite. Thus you lose weight, without hunger pangs.

It is a balanced diet plan in which you get to eat a variety of nutrients, and feel full. It does not neglect the satiety value or the satisfaction you get from food. So, you do not crave to leave the weight loss regimen in the middle of your weight loss goals.

How does the flavor point diet work?
When you eat food of different flavors in a single meal, it stimulates your appetite. While, when you repeat the intake of the same flavor, it reduces your appetite and you feel full only in fewer calories. And, it is not a secret anymore that when you intake fewer calories than the ones you burn, you reduce weight. You would eat food from the same category, for a meal or day, as designed for you.

How to follow the flavor point diet?
The diet is divided into three phases.

In the first phase you eat according to different flavor themes as follows:
Week 1: raisin/currant, lemon, peach, pineapple, apple and oranges
Week 2: carrot, tomato, mushroom, pumpkin, onion, spinach and bell pepper
Week 3: almond, apple, tomato, sesame, walnut and basil
Week 4: orange, spinach, lemon, mint, pecan and dill
In the second phase for two weeks you have to stick to only a meal of a same flavor category, though you can increase the variety of flavors in a day.

In the third and the final phase you just have to manage different flavors in your daily food choices.

Advantages of following this diet plan-
* Does not compromise on delicious food
* Well Balanced
* Reduces over eating
* Turns off your appetite in an easy way.
* Enjoyable
* Easy to follow and maintain
* Can be followed by the entire family together.

So, Flavor point diet plan is best for those who like to think about food. Here you can think and choose your food from different flavor categories. So enjoy food and loose weight alongside. Can there be a better plan?
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