Weight Management

Top 10 Directives to Lose Weight

Healthy eating and healthy habits form the foundation of your weight loss resolution. To stop yourself from bulging out of the jeans what you require is a little bit of exercise and 10 promises to yourself in terms or healthy eating and healthy habits. Take the following 10 tips and promise yourself that you would follow them and believe me you would watch yourself becoming slimmer and trimmer like you would have never thought.

Healthy Habits

* Eat a king-size breakfast, a small lunch and a tiny dinner to have a waistline that would make others envy you every bit. Have your meals in time.

* Think of yourself to be a highly developed and sophisticated machine that needs everything in time. Frame an image of the same that will help you stay inspired about taking up healthy eating habits.

* Maintain a 80/20 ratio wherein you commit to yourself to eat healthy 80 percent of times and for the rest 20 percent, you could eat anything you like.

* Be happy about yourself. Take pride in who you are and love your life as it is. Satisfaction is the biggest key to leading a healthy life and you need to be satisfied with your life for sure.

* Exfoliating your skin at fixed intervals is a very healthy practice that keeps you looking young and fresh at all times. So exfoliate your skin at least once a week to uncover an image that you may have not known about previously.

Healthy Eating
* You must understand that white breads, white potatoes and white rice are all bad for your health. White flour when consumed quickly breaks down in to sugar. As a result of it you start feeling hungry again all off a sudden.

* You could eat as many nuts as you like. They have fat but that is all healthy fat. The idea is not to go on a diet but to eat healthy. And some do foods contain healthy fats too, like nuts.

* Green tea is nothing less than a magical potion. If you include Green tea as a part of your daily diet, you are sure to bask in the glory of youth for a much longer time period for sure. It would keep high cholesterol levels and arthritis away from you for quite a long time now!

* Omega 3 is a must for you to stay healthy. Eat fish, nuts and various vegetables that are rich in Omega 3. It will boost your brain functions, and keep your blood pressure and cholesterol under control.

* You may not know about it but Avocado is one fruit that if eaten in proportion everyday would not make you fat for sure. The nutrients contained in it will help you have lowered chances of heart diseases, strokes, cancer and keep you young!
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