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10 Ways To Burn Calories While At Work Or Fun

The most important aspect of keeping weight under check is to ensure that you strike the right balance of calories. This requires a two sided approach including a balanced calorie intake and a proper plan to burn calories so that no unwanted accumulation takes place. Here are 10 ways to burn calories while you are at work or while you are having fun.

* Consider walking as much as possible. If your office is at a walking distance from your home, walk to the office instead of pulling out the guzzler SUV that you bought. It burns your calories and saves your gas. With both the gas prices and your weight going up, what can be a better option!

* Walk around the office as much as you can. If you have to talk to someone, try to  walk to his desk, instead of just picking up the intercom and punching his extension number.

* Take the stairs and avoid the lift or escalators. This will help you burn a lot of calories in a short burst. Do not try to rationalize that your desk is on the fifth floor so you should take the lift. While taking lift is understandable if your office is on the 55th floor but, just the fifth, you can do better than that.

* Lose the TV remote, DVD Player and AC remote as well. This will make you actually walk to the  device in order to change channels or adjust any settings.

* Chew your food and do it properly. It helps you burn a bit more calories and more than that, it helps your digestive system by a considerable margin.

* Have organic drinks, preferably hot ones. These are calorie optimized to ensure minimal weight gain and the fact they are hot means that you do not get to have a lot of them.

* Make sure that you eat small meals in multiple instances. This is ensure that your metabolism remains active over a length of time and helps you process as many carbs and burn as many calories as possible.

* Have spicy food. Spicy food is one way to make yourself drink more water, plus extra effort is needed to digest this food. This means more calories burnt.

* It is advised that you keep moving and doing something all the time. Never rest idle, even the smallest of activity will mean burnt calories which is good.

* Make sure that you remain a low temperature area This will make your body generate more heat and in turn burn more calories.
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