Weight Management

Walking and Weight Loss are Considered almost Synonyms

Walking is the best natural medicine to put the brakes on the ageing process. Walking works out every muscle in the body. It improves circulation, tones the joints and keeps the blood vessels elastic by preventing the build up of arterial clogging.

The act keeps your metabolism rate high and maintains your muscular mass. If you do not want to go through rigorous physical exercise, and still want to lose weight, then walking is for you. You can achieve weight loss and maintain your weight throughout your life without any stress.

There are just a few guidelines, which you need to follow while walking. For strengthening the bones, toning the leg muscles, controlling weight and maintaining good posture, walking is the answer to all. It is one of the most natural exercises, which an able-bodied human being can carry out.

Remember, in walking time is more important than speed. You can burn more calories on a regular basis with little soreness if you go for long walk at a moderate pace. The speed at which you walk is not that important as the length of time that you walk. With regular walking weight loss is sustained over a longer period.

You can condition your system with high-intensity walks on alternate days. Besides walking, you should also lead an active lifestyle throughout the day, all 365 days in a year.
Just keep the following things in mind and you are all set to get the maximum benefit out of walking:

- Follow the exercise process daily.
- Take brisk walking regularly in between your regular walk at the rate 3 walks per week.
- Gradually increase your walking distance.
- Go for walking with lightweight (1 or 2 pound) if you are not following any hand weight.
- Choose the morning, as it is the best time to walk
- You can also go in for an evening walk if you are in a hurry to lose your weight.
- Generally remain active throughout the day
-  Take a day off in between.
-  Make it a habit to record everything- date, time, accomplishments etc. It can be very motivating at times.
-  Take your dog along for a walk
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