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Ten Great Exercises To Lose Weight

There are two key things that help you lose weight and stay in shape- eating properly and exercising. Both of these play a joint role and supplement each other in the process of keeping your body in shape. Here are 10 special exercises that will help you on your weight loss journey.

* Step Aerobics is a great way to lose weight. It can help you lose as much as 800 calories for every hour you spend at it. You should do these at least an hour daily in two blocks of half hour each. Generally the results would be visible in more than 2 weeks though results might take time to show for some people.

* You may also consider cycling. It can burn anywhere between 500 to 1000 calories every hour depending upon the intensity of the ride.

* Swimming is another great option as an exercise to lose weight. It can help you lose as many as 800 calories per hour plus it has a great calming effect on your body. Swimming is also one of the few exercises which affect all parts of your body at once.

* Playing racquetball is another great exercise for people who want to lose weight. Just like swimming, it can burn 800 calories every hour. It involves running side to side and is great as a cardio workout. Moreover as you play racquetball with someone; it has an added advantage of enriching your social life. 

* You may also consider the Elliptical Burner. If you do the elliptical, you stand to lose as much as 600 calories every day. The elliptical burners are most effective if you spread them throughout the day; con-sider six bursts of 10 minutes each.

* Rowing is also a great exercise for fitness enthusiasts. It has primary impact on your arms. By burning as much as 600 calories every hour, rowing can help you build great biceps.

* Dancing is a great way to lose weight. It is perhaps the most entertaining of all exercises and helps you burn as much as 800 calories. This makes it almost as effective as any other exercise.

* If you can do nothing else, you still have the option of simple walking. Brisk walking for an hour will make you burn 360 calories and stay in shape.

* Trampoline jumping is another form of exercising that can help reduce really fast. But, instead of going in for a prolonged workout session, exercise only for two minutes at a time. You could do this while you are watching your favorite TV show during the commercial breaks. If installing a backyard trampoline is not feasible, then go in for a mini trampoline.

* Hula hooping is one form of exercise that is fun yet effective. Use a weighted hula hoop for ten minutes a day and discover a more curvaceous you. You need do the entire exercise in one go. One to two minutes of exercising at a time will also help a great deal. Try this and the results would be evident in a few weeks.

These ten exercises will help you lose weight in a uniform manner from all parts of your body.
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