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Running Is an Ideal Exercise to Lose Weight

Running is a good option to lose weight. It is one of the oldest, most successful, tried and tested of all weight loss methods.

Running is a good workout choice if you want to lose weight and remain in good shape. But, you must remember a few things.

You have to burn more calories or eat fewer calories in order to lose weight. Your body stores any excess calories as body fat. To decrease the body fat try running. 

Dieting is not very beneficial. Try running instead. Running will burn calories, build muscle strength, raise your metabolic rate. Dieting only reduce the muscle and water content from your body. Running will also help in improving your health and reducing stress.

You may think you would be benefit if you follow dieting and running simultaneously. That is not true. It is a very bad idea. A runner's body needs plenty of nutrients, vitamins, water and fuel. That is why it would be a great blunder to start dieting at the same time. You risk serious injury if you do that. 

To shed more body fat, go for longer exercise durations. Your meal should at least contain 80% of your calorie requirement. You can increase your metabolic rate through running. Running also increases your energy consumption rate throughout the day. 

Balancing your diet in a proper way helps you to stay fit. Your daily calorie intake should be 55% from carbohydrates, 15% from fat and 30% from protein. Try to eat a varied diet combining plenty of fresh and unprocessed food to ensure that you get the right vitamins and minerals.

Water is the elixir of life. Drink as much as you can. It will help drain out toxins from the body. It will reduce your cravings as it keeps the stomach full. 

Always keep the focus on your body fat, rather than your weight. Running will increase  lean muscle and tone up your body. So even after exercise, your weight may not fall. This is because of the extra muscle. Still, you will have a toned body. 

Keep one thing in mind, running more slowly will burn less fat. Gradually increase the pace and the duration of your running sessions.

You know about the fat burning zone. If you run more and at a faster pace than the fat burning zone, you will surely lose weight.
If you exercise a particular part of the body, it will improve the appearance of that part, but will not reduce the fat on that part.

Even if you enjoy your workout, do not try to decrease 1% of your total body weight in a week. This is important for your safety and long-term sustainability. The best way to lose weight is running regularly. It will surely improve your appearance and body shape.  

Hoping you will be successful in your efforts to lose weight by running.
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