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Yoga and Weight Loss- An overview

There are number of remedial options for losing weight ranging from medication, exercises to dietary options but very few offer a permanent solution to obesity. Yoga is one such effective remedy that helps eliminate excessive weight.

Different yoga asanas (poses) and pranyama (breathing exercises) prove very helpful in shedding extra flab off your body.
There are selective yoga poses that are of great help in losing weight. It sounds incredible, but believe me sun salutation in yoga style has been proved to serve this purpose well.

People usually carry this perception that its only rigorous asanas that could help reduce weight and breathing exercises have no relevance for weight loss. However, evidences suggest that breathing techniques of yoga are equally important in reducing weight.

Hatha yoga is in great demand in America to serve the need of reducing weight. Yoga reduces weight through number of physiological processes. It may directly burn fat and contrarily may affect metabolic process to influence weight indirectly.

Since stress sometimes also happens to be a contributor to increased weight, yoga by relieving stress and calming your nerves could effectively control this type of weight gain. Now a days hot yoga that happens to be an innovated form of hatha yoga is in great demand for weight loss. This yoga comprises of twenty six postures that are practiced in hot ambiance and it results in considerable weight loss within few days of hot yoga practice.

Some of the yogis suggest a combination of pranayama and asanas to be performed simultaneously to have a considerable impact on weight. Yoga exercises must be synchronized with dietary regulations to see a desirable fall in weight. Yoga could be termed as safest of all measures that you could adopt to reduce your weight. There is no side effect associated with yoga.

For beginners who are gearing up to shed weight, half an hour yoga practice a day is more than enough. Yoga weight shedding quest requires you to follow a step by step process that happens to be far more lasting in its effect. So to begin with, you can follow basic yoga postures followed by more rigorous and complex forms of yoga.

So, lose weight through yoga and attain body fitness, probably forever.
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