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Benefits of Following a Regular Aerobic Routine

There are many forms of physical activities that can help you lose weight. For example, jogging, playing sports, and weight lifting. If you do not have an inclination to go for any of these exercises, you can check out another fun-filled and invigorating way to exercise- aerobics.

Aerobic exercises include activities such as cycling, swimming, or even walking. They can also include movements of different body parts to the tunes of a youthful, energetic and peppy musical composition. In all, aerobic exercises help you exercise and as a result, lose weight.

Aerobic exercises are widely followed by people in order to lose weight. The weight loss working principal behind these exercises is simple- exercising different muscles of the body to increase the rate of metabolism which, in turn, would result in weight loss. It happens in the following manner.

You will notice while doing aerobic exercises a large number of muscles in your body are forced to respond. They contract and expand, and undergo wear and tear. This results in the consumption of glycogen stored inside them and the development of new muscles as well. Over all, it results in an increased rate of metabolism which consumes not only the energy taken in but also that stored inside our body.

Aerobics also increase your overall well being. They improve our breathing pattern and also increase the rate of heart our heart beats, resulting an increased flow of blood through out our body. This has an impact on the capacity of capillaries to deliver blood, vital nutrients and waste products to different parts of the body. Production of endorphins (natural pain killers) and other hormones also gets stimulated by it.

How to begin with aerobics?
It is not mandatory but advisable that you consult your doctor about the type of aerobic exercises that you want to begin with. This is to be done so that you become aware of any difficulty that the chosen exercise may pose to your body.

Once your doctor clears you, start your daily exercise session slowly. If you have not been active at all before then its better that you start with elementary physical exercises such as walking for five minutes or climbing a flight of stairs. As your stamina builds, you can increase the amount of time spent exercising.

Apart from brisk walking or climbing stairs, you can also do a host of other exercises. These can include cycling, jogging, swimming or even dancing. However, one thing has to be ensured. You have to do them daily for at least 30 minutes at a stretch. If possible, then you can take your exercise schedule beyond that but 30 minutes is the minimum. Once you get into the habit, you will start getting the desired weight loss results.
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