Weight Management

Benefits of Following a Regular Aerobic Routine

Aerobic exercises include activities such as cycling, swimming, or even walking. They can also include movements of different body parts to the tunes of a youthful, energetic and peppy musical composition.

Ten Great Exercises To Lose Weight

There are two key things that help you lose weight and stay in shape- eating properly and exercising. Both of these play a joint role and supplement each other in the process of keeping your body in shape.

Yoga and Weight Loss- An overview

Different yoga asanas (poses) and pranyama (breathing exercises) prove very helpful in shedding extra flab out of your body. There are selective yoga poses that are of great help in weight shedding.

Walking and Weight Loss are Considered almost Synonyms

Most of us share three common aims. These are to lead a long life, to live without falling ill and to control our weight. Remarkably, the simple act of walking helps us to  accomplish all the three aims. So much so, that weight loss is associated with walking.  Walking is the best natural medicine to put the brakes on the ageing process.

Exercises for Slim Thighs

Bulky thighs are more common with women all over the world. Even the most advanced weight loss formulas fail to reduce the excessive fat that hangs around the thigh region.

Running Is an Ideal Exercise to Lose Weight

Running is a good option to lose weight. It is one of the oldest, most successful, tried and tested of all weight loss methods.

Losing Weight Over An Exercise Bike

If you have been bearing with excessive weight for too long and no weight loss mechanism is working out in your favor, bring home an exercise bike.

Cycling Is a Great Exercise for Weight Loss

Cycling is fun and a very enjoyable exercise. It helps you reduce weight and slim down without actually stressing out. It not only helps you burn the extra ugly flab from your body but also improves your overall body fitness.

Add Jogging To Your Weight Loss Goals

There are a number of overweight people who have been trying to lose weight. Literally fed up with dieting, food supplements and other quick fix solutions, they are turning to jogging in a last ditch effort to lose weight.