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Top 10 Tips For Eating Out On A Diet

Most of us love dining out. But, eating out may not be that simple when you are on a diet. The whole idea of huge portions served, the surplus of calorific menus can make your diet plan go in to the dustbin. But, now you can eat out and still lose weight. All you need to do is think healthy and order healthy. Follow these simple tips to enjoy your eating out treat with your friends.

1. Always choose a restaurant which offers a lot of health friendly treats. Restaurants, nowadays, offer a separate menu for the health conscious people. Check out the restaurant's menu online, and make a note of the healthiest options it offers. If you love to go to a particular restaurant all the time then rummaging the menu is the best bet for you. If possible, select a sushi bistro or a noodle bar for the night out.

2. Make special requests at the restaurant. It is unlikely that they will deny. Most dishes on the menu, if prepared with low fat ingredients can fit into your healthy diet list. Do not feel shy to call ahead and enquire if your demands can be met. If you are already in the restaurant ask the waiter to make the necessary changes. If you feel the portion is too much, ask it to be put in the to-go box for later eating.

3. Order appetizers for main course. They are not only sensibly portioned, but also work great on your pocket. If you think you cannot do it alone with appetizers, order some salads along. The high fibre content of the fruits and veggies will make you feel full.

4. Look out for steamed, poached, grilled, baked, roasted and boiled foods. Always order a skinless chicken and always go for white meat. Avoid foods that come with words fried, au gratin, stuffed or sauteed. If you are unsure of the preparation, ask.

5. Get your food prepared with vegetable oil instead of butter and without extra salt or MSG.

6. If possible completely skip gravies, sauces and dressings.

7. Fruit salad or fresh berries is always a better dessert option. You can combine them with a cup of skimmed milk cappuccino or herbal tea.

8. Avoid going to restaurants where buffets are served. You are sure to go off track your dieting rituals once you are at an all-you-can-eat buffet. Varieties will increase your temptations and your dieting is sure to get sidelined.

9. Do not forget to eat small meals which are high on fibre during the day, whenever you are planning to eat out. This will keep you from eating ravenously and hold back your temptation.

10. Bring along a friend who is on a diet himself. This will help you divide the food and take better control on your portions.

Follow these simple tips and eating out while you are on a diet may not be that difficult after all.

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