Weight Management

Kitchen Essentials To Lose Weight

Starting a weight loss program can be fun and a success if you have your kitchen set on the diet mode. It means that there shouldn't be any temptations present in the kitchen that could make you go weak in the knees and flop your weight loss plans. Follow this guide to some kitchen essentials which will help you make wholesome, tasty and diet friendly recipes.

The must-haves in your kitchen during your weight loss regimen will include your usual cooking utensils. You just need to identify to use them for a healthy cooking:

* Microwave with full set of microwave dishes, steaming bags, microwave steamer and grill.
* Blender
* Quality chopping knives with cutting board
* Non-stick broiler pan and skillet,
* Measuring spoons and cups
* Food scale

Healthy cooking is not fancy cooking and need not be heavy on the pockets. Use the conventional blender as your biggest asset and use it to whip up tasty fruit smoothies or purees for delectable soups. This will help you reduce the use of processed food as they are high on sodium, sugar, trans fat and saturated fat. You can also get a maximum of fresh fruit and vegetable servings without effort.

Use the microwave steamer for some excellent steamed recipes. Eating steamed food is considered to be the second best thing than eating the food raw. Steaming ensures that the vital nutrients of the food are retained without the adding any further calories. Besides, steaming maintains the aroma of the food along with the natural juices. Steam the chicken, veggies or fish for a healthy weight loss diet.

Use the non-stick broiler pan and skillet to cook fat free recipes. You do not have to over grease them and yet get a taste that makes your mouth water. You can also grill your food instead of frying it to score some calorie-reduction points.

Use your refrigerator and freezer to stuff fresh fruits, veggies and juices. Keep temptations like ice-creams, pastries and fondues at bay. They are a complete no-no in your kitchen. Use the knives and cutting board to make plenty of servings of fresh fruits and vegetables. Use them more often in salads, recipes and snacks. Always try and keep a bowl of freshly cut fruit and veggies at the kitchen table for a handy and smart snacking option.

Last but not the least; do not forget to keep a check on the portions of what you are eating. Maintain the food scale and move a step ahead to being a healthier you.

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