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Top Ten Low Calorie Snacks With No More Than 150 Calories Each

Eating snacks is not considered healthy by most people but the fact is that if you are careful about what snacks you eat, you will not have to worry about getting overweight - not because of these snacks at least. Below is a list of 10 snacks that you may eat freely, without having to worry about the calories that they will add to your diet plan.

* Dark Chocolate-Dipped Strawberries are the first snack you can relish. Each helping comes with only 150 calories. Plus it brings all the goodness of dark chocolate and fresh fruits. The anti-oxidants of dark chocolate are not going to do any harm to your body either.

* Apples with Peanut Butter ais another delicious snack. Peanut butter is a great source of necessary mono-saturated fats. Plus the apples have great fiber content. A medium size apple and a tablespoon of peanut butter will only give you 150 calories.

* Crab Cake Burgers is something you will really like. Unlike other burgers, these are not necessarily junk food. Since they do not have any seasoning or fillers, they are not calorie bombs either.

* You may also try chips, actually the 100 Calorie Sun Chips. As their name says, these chips do not have more than 100 calories and they do not taste bad either. These chips are specially prepared to be the answer for people who are both calorie conscious and at the same time love chips.

* Veggies and Dip are a great snack because these are nothing more than just plain vegetables. You can eat them steamed or as vegetable soup. Add some yogurt to soup and some pepper strips or broccoli with it. Calorie rating stays at 150.  

* Baby Corn Delight is also a yummy snack. It is one snack which is high in nutritional value and at the same time low on calorie scale. All you need is baby corn, sauce, some vegetables and a few minutes to prepare.

* Strawberry Pancakes are for people with a sweet tooth. Though they are best enjoyed on weekends, you can eat them anytime you want. Preparation will take some time so make sure that you prepare enough in one go to last you for some days.

* For people who prepare something different, Salmon Pinwheels are the snack of choice. Be advised that they are complicated to prepare, so much so that they barely qualify as a snack but they remain a very healthy and yummy option. Try with wilted spinach.

* Sassy Popcorn is also a weight friendly snack. Odd though it may sound but if you add some organic butter and honey, you have a great snack. No more than 150 calories either.

* Finally, a Tuna Sandwich is also something to consider. Using whole wheat pita pocket is recommended. The sandwich is rated at 150 calories as well.

All these snacks not only taste great but stay in the 150 calories making them perfect for you.
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