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The UltraMetabolism Diet

The UltraMetabolism diet developed by Dr. Mark Hyman is based on nutrigenomics - the science of how food communicates with our genes and affects health. Eating the right food decreases cravings and helps detoxify the body. The diet is focused on permanent weight loss by using the natural fat burners in food.

The diet begins with a one-week preparation. Dieters need to stay clear of foods that contain sugar, high-fructose corn syrup, artificial sweeteners, hydrogenated fats, alcohol, caffeine (tea, coffee, cola), refined grains and all processed food.

Next is a three-week phase called phase 1. This is a period of detoxification. Dieters need to get rid of allergens like dairy products, wheat and eggs. Whole food is introduced into the diet, like:

* Fruits
* Vegetables
* Whole grains
* Lean protein, chicken, turkey, fish
* Soy
* Nuts
* Beans

The last phase, called phase 2, is from week four onwards for life. Dieters need to maintain their weight permanently. The foods prohibited previously are brought back one by one to see how they affect health. Foods that don't suit the dieter either due to negative reactions or weight gain are banned forever. Alcohol is allowed but only in small quantities. Half a cup of coffee can be taken. Dieters are encouraged to keep caffeine away and change over to herbal tea.

By the end of the first eight weeks on the UltraMetabolism diet, dieters can expect to lose anything between 11 to 21 pounds of weight.

Recommended eating habits: Dieters are advised to eat many small meals throughout the day, keeping a gap of three hours between successive meals. But, no meal should be taken within three hours of bedtime.

Supplements: Since dieters need to avoid many foods, nutritional deficiency could be a problem. Dr. Hyman provides some supplements to facilitate metabolism. Quercetin, fenugreek, and N-acetylcysteine are some of these supplements that can be taken.

The author says that there is no need for portion control or counting the calories. He believes that if we eat all the right foods, everything falls into place naturally. The craving for unhealthy foods diminishes. If complemented by physical activity and stress management techniques, the UltraMetabolism diet should be a good weight loss plan.

* Nutrigenomics has not been adequately researched. Dieters will have to rely on the author's word on what is good and what is not.
* Portion control is not stressed upon, and may lead dieters to believe that it does not matter.
* The necessity of supplements is an indicator that the diet is deficient in nutrients.
* The author says that exercise is optional, which is not in line with what experts believe.

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