Weight Management

Let Spectrum Diet Help You Shed Pounds

No diet can be the same for everybody. Dr. Ornish understands this and presents a spectrum of plans for the dieter to pick and choose from. The Spectrum is a book that helps dieters personalize their way of living taking into account individual requirements. Whether they want to lose pounds, reduce cholesterol and high blood pressure, or guard against diseases like diabetes and prostrate cancer, it's all there in the book.

Dr. Ornish emphasizes three requirements for healthy living - nutrition, stress management and exercise.

The nutrition spectrum
Foods are divided into five groups:

Group 1: The healthiest foods like fruits and vegetables, whole grains, soy products, nonfat dairy products, egg whites in their natural forms, legumes, etc. are in this group.

Group 2: These are mostly plant-based and include avocados, oils in small amounts, nuts and seeds, canned vegetables, low-fat dairy products, and beverages without caffeine.

Group 3: These include some seafood, carbohydrates, concentrated sweeteners in moderation, high-fat oils, reduced-fat dairy products, and high-fructose corn syrup.

Group 4:
These include animal protein, fish, poultry, whole-fat diary products, dough, cakes, bakery products.

Group 5: These consist of foods such as dark meat, fried poultry, oils, butter, egg yolk, cream, etc.

These groups are ranked in order of healthiness. Group 1 is the healthiest and group 5 the least. The dieter has to know where he/she presently stands and then move according to health goals and personal preferences. Diabetics may need a tougher plan of action while some others may not need many alterations. In any case, moving towards group 1 is always beneficial in a number of ways. The quicker the better.

The book contains over 100 recipes from an acclaimed chef with healthy variations to suit individual preferences.

The stress management spectrum
Stress is major cause of obesity, heart attack, stroke, depression and diabetes. It even causes premature aging. Dr. Ornish provides tools to alleviate stress and thereby lead healthier lives. The tools are: breath control, yoga, meditation, social support, and practice of forgiveness, compassion, altruism and service. A DVD containing inspiring meditations comes free with the book.

The exercise spectrum
Exercise is the master key to weight management. Exercise reverses the aging process, generates vibrant energy, and makes you more intelligent by helping grow more brain cells. Exercise need not be vigorous; as little as 15 minutes a day of brisk walking should be enough to ward off potential health problems. A little more is needed for significant weight loss. The book shows how to make exercise an enjoyable activity.

Dr. Ornish believes that our genetic predisposition is directly influenced by diet and lifestyle. The spectrum of nutrition, stress management and exercise is potent enough to change your "fate" as governed by genes - and quickly.
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