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South Beach Diet Supercharged to Rev up the Metabolism

Dieters following the old South Beach plan will be pleasantly surprised to know that the Supercharged version allows for more variety in the food selections. It also takes less time to work.
Dr. Arthur Agatston of South Florida developed this plan for overweight heart patients, and very soon everybody else began following it. The South Beach Diet Supercharged is a follow-up to the book The South Beach Diet and brings in new methods of exercise and many new food recipes.

New workout plan:
Agatston discovered that dieters were hitting plateaus even after exercising regularly. At least one hour of exercise a day was required to keep losing significant weight, which was not practical for many. So he came up with a new method that didn't take up as much time, and was more effective in burning calories. And that method is interval training.

Interval training is a 20-minute regimen of interval walking or body toning exercises, to be done daily. It is designed to accelerate metabolism and reduce weight faster. Agatston compares the body to a car that uses more gas when you start. If physical activity is interspersed with stops and starts, more calories are burnt. Steady activity like walking for half an hour does not use up as much calories as interval walking does. Moreover, interval training strengthens the muscles.

The New South Beach diet plan is divided into three phases:
Phase 1:
This is a two-week phase and is the strictest. It is designed to wean the dieter off refined starches and sugary foods. Sugars, starches and alcohol are strictly prohibited. Even whole grain foods and fruits are prohibited to help the dieter jettison cravings.

There are no restrictions on other kinds of food. Lean meat, fish and poultry can be eaten. Low fat dairy products, nuts, salads and vegetables are all on the menu. Foods that are high in fiber content or lean protein help bring the feeling of fullness.

At the end of the first phase, dieters lose between 8 to 13 pounds of weight.

Phase 2:
The second phase brings the addition of fruits, whole grains and occasional beer and wine. This is also a two-week phase. Dieters lose between 2 to 4 pounds in this period.

Phase 3:
This is the phase that lasts for the rest of the dieter's life. It is about maintaining a lifestyle - eating healthy food, controlling portions, avoiding foods that are addictive, and keeping up the interval exercise plan. No food is forbidden, but should be eaten in sensible portions.

Dieters following the old South Beach plan will be pleasantly surprised to know that the Supercharged plan allows for more variety in the food selections. There is more meat, chicken and turkey, soy products, healthy fats, legumes, desserts and drinks. A bit of alcohol is also added in the plan. There is more variety in vegan foods too.

* Healthy way of losing weight
* Wide variety in food selections
* Very practical diet plan
* New 10-week exercise plan
* Exercise plan coordinated with meal plan
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