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How to Lose Weight After Pregnancy?

Pregnancy is perhaps the most important time in a woman’s life. There is nothing to match the feeling of bringing a life to this planet. But bringing a whole new edition of the family is not all that easy. There is a lot that a woman has to face as aftermaths of pregnancy.

Baggage of extra weight that a woman puts on during the course of her pregnancy is prominent. Shedding those extra pounds becomes one of the most important causes of concern for the new mother. But, a bit of determination and the following easy tips can help you knock off the extra fat.

Increase your water intake
Try drinking as much water as possible. Ten to twelve glasses of water a day are a good amount. Replacing high sugar beverages with water and a dash of lime is a great idea. Seltzer water is another great idea. This way you shall cut down hundreds of unwanted calories.

Opt for healthy snacking
Post pregnancy there is a general tendency amidst woman to reach out for snacks. Since this tendency cannot be curbed go in for healthy snacks. Popcorn, wheat cracker, oats, dried fruits, nuts, sunflower seeds, humus, and fruits are some interesting options. Junk packaged food readily available in stores is a strict no-no.

Exercise only when you are ready
Exercising soon after pregnancy can be damaging to your health. You could start off with gentle exercising and build up a more rigorous regime when your body starts regaining strength. Give your body enough time before you can actually subject it to a rigorous exercise regime.

This is perhaps the easiest way to lose weight. Breastfeeding uses up the excess fat present in body. On an average a woman burns up close to 500 calories per day via breastfeeding. So the longer you breast feed your child, the more calories you lose.

Work Out at Home
Most women feel lazy of going to the gym. Plus there is the added responsibility of a newborn so hitting the gym may not be all that easy. Begin by working out at home. You could go in for some simple yoga exercises that can easily be done at the convenience of your home. Put on some relaxing music and get going.

Eat small potions
Instead of eating large meals, try eating in small potions. Eating small potions of food helps keep temptations at bay. This will aid digestion and also help in reducing weight much easily.

Yes, it is that simple to shed extra weight. So, do not fret and enjoy life with the new born in your lap.
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