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Personality Type Diet Is A Custom Made Weight Loss Plan

Dietary requirements cannot be the same for everyone as each one has different eating habits and different fitness levels. This is where the Personality Type Diet helps, as there are questionnaires to assess each one's type and fix a plan. It is developed by Dr. Robert Kushner, a well-known expert in the field of nutrition and a teacher at Northwestern University.

The Personality Type Diet is an innovative approach, with a survey consisting of 70 questions to judge the dieter's habits and attitude towards fitness. Based on the results, the dieter is placed into one of several categories like "nighttime nibbler", "hearty portioner", etc. Or depending on activity levels, the dieter is placed into categories like "all-or-nothing doer", "can't-say-no pleaser", etc. A weight loss plan is then prepared to best suit the dieter.

Kushner had laid out the book well, with the dieter needing to go only to his or her section depending on type. But other sections are helpful as well, as the dieter may have traits of other types and would want to peek into the advice given for those. Kushner offers advice to change behaviors and attitude for better and faster weight loss.

What to eat
Kushner advises vegan diets, but is not adamant about it. His list of good foods is all plant-based. It includes: fruits and vegetables, soy, lentils, beans, nuts and seeds and whole grains. He believes in low-fat foods with high vitamin and mineral content.

As regards to animal-based foods, Kushner avoids beef. Lean mean is allowed, but better choices are fish, chicken and turkey.

A large choice of healthy foods is provided in the Personality Type Diet. It is not restrictive but encourages balanced meals. Proteins, carbs and fats are balanced in the right proportions in his plans. Three meals and two snacks are recommended and listed on the menu. Meals and the portions are determined by each one's specific requirements.


The Personality Type Diet is not a one-size-fits-all diet and takes into consideration the essential factors needed to fix a weight loss plan.

* The diet is responsibly and thoughtfully written.
* The plans are practical and can be useful in mending bad habits.
* The premise is simple: sensible eating and exercise.
* The personalization of the weight loss plan makes it interesting and motivating for the dieter.
* Online social networking is available. Dieters of the same type can interact and motivate each other.
* Recommended by experts.

* The site is new and online buddies will be few.
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