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Nothing Tastes as Good as Being Thin Feels

If you want to lose meaningful weight, you need ask those who did it. These are the real experts. The book Thin For Life is full of inspiring stories from those who have lost at least 20 pounds and kept it that way for at least 3 years. It's written by Anne M. Fletcher, the well-acclaimed health and medical journalist, and a registered dietician.

Fletcher conducted interviews with around 200 "masters of weight loss", as she likes to call them, and put together excerpts and quotes in this one-of-a-kind weight loss guide. Sure-fire success tips are in here, along with the latest in nutrition and diet.

The 10 Keys to Success form the foundation on which this book is based. These are:

1.    Believe that you can become thin for life.
It reinforces the power of self-belief with the help of inspiring stories from the masters of weight loss. It is this self-belief that can fight away excess weight and keep it at bay forever. Self-belief can change destiny and your genetic legacy too.

2.   Take the reins.
You need to be the boss of your own habits. You need to take stock of the situation you are in, and make some decisions about your food habits. Are you selfish about the way you look? No? You need to be from now on.

3.   Do it your way.
You know what's best for you. If not, the book will help you find out. There are so many ways out there - exercise, psychological wellbeing, variety of diets, structured weight loss programs… The right combination is there to be found out.

4.   Accept the food facts.
You cannot eat whatever you want. You have to learn to enjoy low-fat food. There are plenty of tasty substitutes.

5.   Nip it in the bud.
Take it out day-by-day, meal-by-meal. Make an affirmation to yourself - I will gain no more than five to 10 pounds - and zealously stick to it. Plan the measures you will take if you reach the upper limit.

6.    Learn positive self-talk.
It's all in the mind. Positive dialogues with yourself will defeat the negative feelings you have about weight management.

7.    Move it or lose it.
Commit yourself to exercise. It's now or never. You don't need to exercise frantically. Just do it consistently and happily.

8.    Face life head-on.
Do you turn to food if you face minor setbacks in life? This is your chance to turn the tables. You can put an end to instant gratification of overeating, using constructive methods.

9.    Get more out of life.
Craving for food needs to be substituted with engaging activities to stir the mind. Balance your lifestyle.

10.    Don't go it alone.
Each one of us loves support - either from family and friends, from individual counselors, or from support groups. Use support to your advantage.
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