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Lose Weight With Sugar Busters Diet

Sugar buster is a joint development of Leighton Steward, a cardiologist, an endocrinologist and a gastroenterologist. It was developed by a Fortune 500 CEO named Leighton Steward. Sugar Busters harshly removes sugar from your diet and hence helps you lose weight. Eating sugar does not lead to direct weight gain. It works on a theory that high degree of sugar intake can cause higher blood sugar which results in rise in the level of insulin. And, insulin is directly proportional to weight.

The phases in this diet do not depend upon length of time and stages. They depend upon the food intake and emphasize more on the kind of intake rather than how much you take. Food is majorly divided into 3 main categories namely, forbidden, taken in moderation, and recommended. This diet does not keep an eye upon how many carbohydrates you can have in a day. This diet just teaches you to cut down certain carbohydrates from your diet. While using the sugar busters, you will have to omit foods that rate high on glycemic index. The examples include beer, pasta, honey, and potatoes. You will also have to avoid highly refined foods including processed foods.

You will have to make a commitment right from the time you want to start this program. If you want to lose weight, you need to commit forever to this program. There is no time table linked with the sugar busters but you will have to change the way you eat in an instance. You will have to prepare yourself to bid goodbye to your favorite foods. When compared to other diets, this proves to be less restrictive. In this diet program, you need to stay away from the sugars. Having low carbohydrates is always better than no carbohydrates. For this, you will have to eliminate sugar from your food menu which is not limited to candy and cake. Say bye to carrots, white breads, pizza crust and potatoes along with sugary cereal, pre-packaged snack foods, desserts and candy. If you want to treat yourself, you can stick to sugar free options.

When you are avoiding sugars and starches, you will have to eat chicken, lean beef and other lean protein sources. This diet also includes vegetables like lettuce, beans and squash. Many grains and low fat dairy products are also included in the diet. Whole grains are thoroughly acceptable and encouraged too.

Sugar busters diet is an effective medium to lose weight. Fortunately, it is less restrictive as compared to other diet patterns and just limits to the ignorance of sugar and sugar containing products.

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