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Lose 10 Pounds in a Week with Cabbage Soup Diet

Though you might not like it because of its lack of taste, a diet plan that includes cabbage soup can help you lose weight within a week. However, the drawback of this diet is boredom due to lack of options in the diet, and inadequate nutrition.

A cabbage soup-based diet plan is considered to be a universal plan. It can be recommended to anybody as there is no evaluation of the patient's case. Further, what also helps make this plan universal is that are no exercises recommended, no tips on modifying behavior, and no advice on changing bad habits. All one needs to do is to strictly follow a list of what to eat.

Those who have overcome the sheer boredom of a cabbage soup diet reveal that with this diet, one can easily lose 10 pounds within a week. However, they also recommend that the plan should be followed only for a week at a time. The reason to do so is that cabbage soup diet is extremely low on vital nutrients and depriving the body of them for long periods of time can have quite disastrous results. Hence, dieters are advised to follow it only for a week at a time.

Cabbage soup diet plan is a bottom-less diet plan. By this we mean that one can eat as much of it as they can. However, what they can eat is going to be restricted by the limited number of choices on offer. While accompaniments may vary on alternate days, the mainstay of the diet plan would be two bowls of fat-free cabbage soup each day. Apart from cabbage soup you can have things like vegetables, fruit, meat, and skim milk.

Here is an example of the cabbage soup diet plan for those who would like to see what it would be made up of.

Day 1: Begin the week with cabbage soup and fruits. Among fruits have everything except bananas. They have enormously high calorie content. About beverages, you can have black coffee, unsweetened tea, or cranberry juice. Apart from these drinks, you also need to drink a lot of water,

Day 2: On day 2 have cabbage soup along with low-calorie vegetables. However, avoid vegetables such as peas, corn, or beans. Round the meal off with a potato baked with butter.

Day 3: Have a mix of fruits and vegetables with cabbage soup.

Day 4: To replenish energy levels, have up to eight bananas with two glasses of skim milk, along with the regular diet of cabbage soup.

Day 5: Eat cabbage soup. Have a serving of chicken, fish or beef (maximum weight should be 20 ounces). Eat six fresh tomatoes. Drink half a gallon of water through out the day.

Day 6: Have as much cabbage soup as you want, followed by all the vegetables you can consume. Consume protein in the form of beef steaks (put a limit on 3).

Day 7: Apart from the regular cabbage soup, you can have 2 cups of brown rice. Get your fiber from a bottomless bowl of vegetables. Drink fruit juices.

This is only a sample cabbage soup diet. There can be variations within it but the mainstay of the plan would be cabbage soup.
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