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Back to the Garden of Eden With Hallelujah Diet Plan

Hallelujah diet is the brainchild of Rev. George Malkmus who believes that natural food in the natural form is the ideal diet that God wants us to eat. He greatly believes that the life force in raw, living food is the best thing that the human body can get. He calls his diet the "best weight loss program on planet Earth".

Developed at Malkmus' Hallelujah Farms, the Hallelujah diet is basically 85% raw organic foods and 15% cooked food. Juicing of vegetables is encouraged and emphasized as a smart way to imbibe nutrients into our system. Malkmus explains that the digestive system absorbs only 35% of the nutrients if the food is solid, and 92% if the food is liquefied. These claims, however, are not backed up with scientific explanations.

Foods you can eat
Raw foods (85%)

* Raw organic fruits and vegetables
* Sprouted beans
* Raw nuts and seeds
* Soaked raw oats
* Olive oil, flax oil and avocado

Cooked food (15%)

* Steamed vegetables
* Steamed sweet potato, white potato
* Cooked beans like lima, kidney, pinto
* Cooked grains

That's about it. Three meals a day, snacks if necessary, but only from the above list. Cooked food should be eaten only for dinner. And fruits should make up about 15% of the intake throughout the day. Raw food forms the major chunk of the diet because cooking removes nutrients from food. Along with food, a supplement called barleymax needs to be consumed. Supplements can be bought online.

Exercise requirements
The plan requires you to exercise at least 30 minutes a day with adequate focus on stretching. Exposure to mild sunshine is also highly recommended.

Weight can be shed very quickly with this diet, as there is so little calorie intake while providing essential nutrition. According to Malkmus, living food eliminates craving for sugar, salt, animal products, white flour products and caffeine. By kicking out these addictions, the body has the chance to rebuild cells. Hallelujah diet, according to him, will put hunger pangs to sleep. The barley supplements they provide are packed with nutrition.

The diet lacks scientific proof. Plant-based foods are healthier for sure, but cutting out animal products totally would not necessarily be a good thing. Most would find it extremely difficult to cope with such a drastic change in diet. Diets with extremely low calorie intake are something that experts don't agree to. They think there are glaring nutritional deficiencies in such diets, and could be harmful to people with diabetes, pre-diabetes, or metabolic syndrome. The need of supplements also points out the fact that the diet lacks in certain nutrients. If you need a vegetarian diet, there are alternatives that are not so taxing.
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