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Loose Weight And Stay Fit Through Glycemic Index Diet

The Glycemic Index
All of you would be aware that most of the carbohydrates lead to weight gain. Carbohydrates also lead  to increase in the blood sugar level. But you can't live without them because they are an important food group, and give you energy. Therefore you must eat carbohydrates with lower Glycemic Index to get maximum benefits.

The Glycemic index (GI), measures how much a 50-gram portion of carbohydrate raises a person's blood glucose level. There are three types of carbohydrates, the ones with lower GI, moderate GI, and high GI.

The Glycemic Index diet
The emphasis in this diet is that you have to eat carbohydrates with low GI. They are the best way to loose weight and at the same time control appetite. They keep you full for a longer time. So you do not indulge in over eating. Thereby in the longer run you consume less calories. On the other hand the high GI carbohydrates increase the blood glucose level and make you hungry sooner. The GI diet also lifts you energy level, and you never feel that you are on a diet.

Carbohydrates with low GI
* Whole grains
* Brown breads
* Brown rice
* Whole fruits
* Whole vegetables
* legumes
* Nuts
* Olive oil

Why should one follow the Glycemic diet?
*It helps in loosing weight.
* It encourages a healthier selection of food.
* It is a sustainable diet, thus you can maintain the your weight.
* You feel healthy and energised.
* The GI diet lowers cholesterol levels.
* It is very efective in keeping blood glucose level in check.
* The GI diet helps you reduce the risk of heart disease.

Physical activity makes the diet more effective
To achieve better and quicker results with this diet, you should indulge in a regular physical activity. A brisk walk for about 30- 60 minutes five days a week or a any another form of cardio or light exercises would not only help you loose weight, but also keep you healthy and active.

The Glycemic Diet is not just another diet but healthy one as well. You not only loose weight, but sustain it as well. You also keep heart diseases and other diabetes related problems at bay.
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