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General Motors Weight Loss Diet Program

The General Motors Company in conjunction with the U.S. Department of Agriculture and the Food and Drug Administration developed this program. This weight loss plan was meant for the sole usage of the employees and dependents of the company. But with the good results it delivered, it spread like fire. And today this diet has become the preferred choice of obese people all across the world.

This one is an all fruit day. You can eat any fruit you like and in any quantity. Though, bananas are strictly to be avoided. The idea is to prepare the body for the upcoming program. Fruits offer complete nutrition and this is why beginning the program with them is quite effective.

Vegetables are the way to go for this day. Go in for any vegetables of your choice. Again, there is no limitation on the amount you should eat. Preferably go in for boiled vegetables and avoid oil while cooking. Vegetables are induced in the diet because they include zero calories and are also rich in fiber.

Now it’s time for fruits and vegetables. There are no specifications regarding the quantity. Potatoes and bananas are to be avoided. This combination of fruits and vegetables prepares the body to knock off extra kilos.

This is the day for bananas and milk. You are supposed to consume eight bananas along with three glasses of milk. But make sure that the milk you consume is fat free. Now you may be wondering that how can something as calorific as bananas and milk help reduce weight.

Well you won’t be able to consume the quantity allowed.  The fix here is to supplement the body with adequate potassium and sodium that it may have missed in the  previous days.

One cup of rice along with six whole tomatoes is the meal for today. You also need too supplement this with twelve glasses of water. While rice fills in your carbohydrate requirement, tomatoes offer fiver. Water is recommended to cleanse your system.

It’s vegetable time again people! However this time your vegetables are going to be supplemented with a cup of rice. Again vegetables offer fiber and rice offers carbohydrate. By this time you would have started to lose weight.

The final day has arrived. One-cup rice with fruit juice and vegetables is the meal for the day. By tomorrow morning you shall be five to six kilos lighter.

Seven days of this diet plan and you will definitely be celebrating the eighth day.
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