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The French Women Don't Get Fat Diet

French women don't get fat is not a diet plan, rather a healthier way to stay in shape without compromising on your food choices at all. The author of the book, Mireille Guiliano says, just following good lifestyle changes you can enjoy a healthy figure.

How does the diet works?
Most diet plans come with a long list of food items to be eaten or avoided. This is where the French women don't get fat plan stands apart. It does not tell you what to eat or not to eat, rather focuses on how to eat. It supports eating high quality of food but in regulated small portions, enjoy every bite of what you eat and get maximum satisfaction, stay full and keep a check on your weight.

So eat everything from champagne to chocolate and relish your food, which will help you feel full stuffed and satisfied for a longer period of time. So while you eat just about anything, the trick is to eat slowly and relish your food. Stay active and burn calories. Incorporate healthy habits in your lifestyle and see the change yourself.

In the initial phase of the diet you are asked to pen down what you eat so that an assessment of  where the extra calories are coming from can be checked and then food can be regularized as per your need and eating pattern.

Besides, it doesn't include hard core rigorous exercises, rather high activity and fitness levels are to be watched out for. It means you don't have to take out extra time for exercise, just be on your toes and see the amazing results.

The plan at glance-

* No calorie counting
* No fad diets
* No skipping of meals
* Steady weight loss
* Lost weight doesn't come back
* No compromises on your favorite food
* No guilt feelings
* Enjoy what you eat
* Easy to follow plan
* Manage it through out life.
-No rigorous exercises:

However there are certain things to be watched out:

* You are allowed to eat your favorite stuff so be careful that you do not indulge in over eating. Keep the size of your meals small.
* Chew your food properly.
* Relish each bite as if there is no tomorrow.
* Concentrate only on food and don't let distractions such as work and television bother you.

The “French women don't get fat diet” is not just another diet; it is a path towards a better lifestyle and a healthy eating pattern.
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