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Fat Smash Diet Would Smash All Your Excessive Weight

{mosgoogle left} The Fat Smash Diet, made popular by a television show, is a weight loss plan designed by Dr. Ian K. Smith. The premise is to smash bad eating habits and replace them with healthy ones. The plan is realistic with no drastic upheavals and meant to be a lifestyle guide for eating and exercising right. Smith says that dieters lose six to eight pounds in the first phase and a few pounds per week thereafter. The 90-day plan consists of four phases.

Phase 1
This is a period of detoxification and lasts for nine days. The diet predominantly consists of fruits and vegetables raw, steamed or grilled. The only fat allowed is 2 tsp of olive oil. Brown rice, low-fat milk and yogurt, lentils and beans are allowed in restricted amounts.

Meals are to be had four to five times a day, three hours apart. Skipping meals is not permitted and drinking plenty of water is compulsory.

{mosgoogle right} Around 30 minutes are to be set aside for exercise which consists of cardiovascular routines. The first phase gets rid of toxins and impurities from the body and sets you up for the remaining phases.

Phase 2
This is the foundation phase and lasts for three weeks. The schedule developed in phase 1 has to be maintained without any variation. Some more foods are introduced in phase 2, like lean protein, fish, eggs, whole grains and fat-free mayonnaise. Little amounts of lemonade, soda, coffee and granulated sugar are allowed.

Exercise is upped by 15% in phase 2. This phase establishes the foundation for a healthy lifestyle.

Phase 3
Phase 3 is the construction phase that lasts for four weeks. Yet more foods are introduced into the diet - pasta, bread, and a dessert. The dessert is non-fruit and can be chosen from a list that includes low-fat ice cream, crackers and cookies. Portions can be increased a wee bit. The meal schedule remains the same.

Exercise is further increased by 25% in the construction phase.

Phase 4
The final phase is the temple phase and should be maintained for life. Foods which were previously prohibited are now brought back in restricted amounts. Wine and beer are allowed too. But the principles of the weight loss plan need to be adhered to - portion control, eating four to five times a day, no skipping of meals, and exercise.

Exercise is now set at one hour a day and a minimum of five days a week.

* It is an uncomplicated plan and works for almost everybody.
* No calorie counting involved.
* The 90-day plan ensures that a healthy lifestyle is sustained over long periods and encourages dieters to continue it for life.
* Exercise is given utmost importance.
* No chance of nutritional deficiencies as the diet is well balanced.
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