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Cheaters Always Win? Yes, They Do!

If you often cheat on your eating plan and then feel guilty about it, you've got some support. Dr. Paul Rivas, author of The Cheater's Diet, actually encourages you to cheat on weekends and feel happy about it. The premise is that if you eat anything you like on weekends and stick to a healthy plan on weekdays, you lose weight. You lose weight permanently if you maintain an active lifestyle with regular exercise.

More good news is that you can cheat not just on one day of the week, but two. A 36-hour period from Saturday morning to Sunday night is given to you to eat your favorite foods. And not only is this period allowed, but is almost mandatory! The condition is that you must strictly adhere to the weekday eating plan and put in some exercise.

How it works
Rivas says that diets that restrict intake forever lead to reduction in metabolism. The Cheater's Diet, on the other hand, increases metabolism by introducing the cheat period and encouraging healthy eating during the week. Metabolism rises on the weekends to count for the extra calories and remains at a healthy rate during the weekdays. The higher rate means that more calories are burned throughout the week. Weekdays too are no starvation. The diet is healthy, consisting of three meals and two snacks. The eating plan "stokes" your metabolism, says Rivas.

Moreover, by allowing dieters to enjoy their cakes on weekends, it gives them a sense of commitment to stay away from unhealthy foods on weekdays. There is no guilt involved and no binging.

Supplements are also recommended, but not compulsory. Weight loss can happen without these supplements too.

Food on weekdays
Rivas recommends a Mediterranean diet low in calories. Foods encouraged to be eaten are:

* Fruits and vegetables
* Lean protein
* Seafood
* Whole grains
* Low-fat dairy products
* Dry-roasted peanuts
* Olive oil

Foods banned
* Sugar
* Saturated fats
* Flour
* Alcohol

50% of the food you eat should be fruits and vegetables, 25% lean protein, and 25% whole grains. Several recipes and visual representations are given in the book.

Food on weekends
Anything can be had, except for foods that trigger binging. Avoid eating foods that you know you cannot resist wolfing. You shouldn't find yourself in a position that you cannot begin your Monday plan without problems. Wine and beer should be preferred over alcohol.

Exercise is necessary if you want to follow this diet. But no weightlifting or sweating it out in the gym. Moderate exercises and daily activities like gardening, washing the car, playing games, etc. are recommended.

Not recommended for those who lead a sedentary lifestyle.
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