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How Cereal Diet Helps You Lose Weight- Some Facts

{mosgoogle left} A cereal diet is perfect for those who want to ensure long term weight loss. It is low in fat, carbohydrates, low calorie diet. It is perfect not only for those seeking long term weight loss but also for those who seek a rapid solution to their weight problem.

Here is a more detailed explanation of how you can lose weight for a short time with a cereal diet.

Step 1- Start your day with a serving of 3/4 cup of cereal mixed (or cooked, whichever is required) with low fat or skimmed milk. To add a little more bulk to the breakfast, add fruits such as strawberries or blueberries. If your overall intake of calories in a day is less, you can add bananas to the list of fruits.

Step 2- Around 11 or 12 o’clock in the morning have a small serving of fruit or vegetables. You can also opt for a low fat cereal bar. This would keep you going till lunch time.

Step 3- At lunch time, you can have another bowl of cereal. Add milk and fruits to it. In order to avoid the cereal meal becoming monotonous, you can add some different type of fruit to the cereal.

{mosgoogle right} You can also opt for some other type of low fat, low calorie cereal to keep things interesting. And things can get really interesting if you have cereal with buttermilk, which is extremely low fat, tasty and healthy. All this would keep the cereal meal interesting, allowing you to stick onto it.

Step 4- At around 4 o’clock in the afternoon have vegetable or fruit snacks. This mid-way snack would keep you going till dinner time. However, you would have to keep a restraint over yourself to reduce temptations to cheat. If you cheat on binge on something tasty, you might rapidly gain weight instead of losing it.

You can have all seasonal fruits at this time of the day. You can also go for a fruit cocktail cup. If you want to have raw vegetables, then it is best to have them with a low fat dip. If you want something else than you can go for low fat cereal bars.

Step 5- Dinner is the last meal of the day of which you have to take care of. However, you do not absolutely need to abstain from the food you like. But it would be still advisable to stay away from high-calorie, high fat food. Remember, you have struggled to keep your calorie intake low, only for the purpose of reducing weight. Do not defeat the entire day’s effort at the last step.

You can have a high protein meal during dinner. This would provide your body with the much needed amino acids that would repair your damaged muscles. Have a generous helping of the dish; but don’t overeat.

Step 6- You can continue this diet for two weeks. All this while, you can continue experimenting with the recommended daily intake of fruits and vegetables, meats, bread and cereal and dairy products.

Happy weight loss!
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