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The Best Life Diet Plan

The Best Life Diet by Bob Greene is the most easiest and healthy way to lose weight. This diet plan is not about strict diets or hard exercises. It's all about complete transformation of an individual's lifestyle.

The plan focuses on weight loss by changing the unhealthy food habits into healthy ones. As the present lifestyles provide us with all the luxuries at our doorstep, we virtually live a still life with no activity. The best life plan strives to changes this. The more physical activity you indulge in to, the more calories you would burn. This eventually leads to weight loss and a healthy lifestyle. The plan is also supported by celebrity Oprah Winfrey.

The diet plan does not restrict people from eating. It channelizes their food preferences to more healthy food and mindful eating. Healthy food implies avoiding fried food, fattening food and alcohol.

The Best Life Diet plan is recommended as it also deals with overeating, hunger and emotional eating. Bob Greene tackles this by asking the dieters very intriguing questions which restrain them and boosts their confidence. He encourages people to lose weight in a healthier way. It emphasizes on changing people's mindset. Its motto is "Healthy Eating, Healthy Living."

How to go about?
The best life diet plan is basically divided into three phases.

First phase
The duration of this phase is 4 weeks. The basic principle of this phase is to adopt healthy eating and to equate it with adequate physical activity. It is an easy and relaxing step towards weight reduction. The food program includes three meals a day, a snack compulsory in between, no alcohol and taking the last meal at least two hours before going to bed.

After 4 weeks, check in your weight. If weight loss is more than 1 pound every week consistently, you can shift to next phase otherwise remain in this phase for 2 to 3 weeks more. Here a word of caution, you need to be consistent in following meal patterns. Have lots of water and abstain from alcohol and supplements.
A sample meal pattern for Best diet Life Plan

Breakfast Lunch
Phase-I Cereal Mix Pear Sandwich (do not add butter) Lemon and Herb grilled Trout
Phase-II Chocolate Bran  Smoothie (add oats) Strawberry Peach Chicken Salad Soup and Steak Salad
Phase-III Hot Cereals with Almonds and Apricots Chicken Tobouleh Pitas Fajitas with Guac
Second phase
Again the second phase runs for 4 weeks. It is based on the same principle of healthier eating and physical activity. However in second phase the principles are followed more stringently. It emphasizes more on controlling physical and emotional hunger, using regular weights and keeping a tab on your food habits.

As you enter this phase, you need to check weight every week. Find out the physical and emotional reasons behind your hunger. Make a hunger scale. Try to eat moderate food portions, and start removing 6 empty foods (or problem foods) from your eating plan.
Increase your physical activity indeed.
After 4 weeks, check your weight. You would continue in this phase until you are short of achieving 20 pounds of your weight goal. As your weight-loss stops, you can move to Phase 3. Make best use of this phase and lose weight as much possible.

Third phase
The final phase gives freedom to eat and responsibility to manage weight. Here you enjoy freedom to eat what you desire however in small portion. You also get responsibility of restricting self to healthy food.

The third phase is a lifelong phase which constantly motivates you to stick to healthy foods. Pick foods judiciously; see calorie charts. You can increase physically activity as per your intake. Weight in every month and keep a check on the reading every week.

A cliche
Fat people want instant results. The Best Life Diet plan might take a longer duration in certain cases. So it may discourage you if you have high weight loss goals in short time.

However it certainly educates you about healthy way of living. The emphasis of the plan is adopting healthy food habits, doing physical activity and achieving a healthy body. The plan does not forbid one from gorging on his/her favorite food. One can eat what one desire however it should be in moderation.

One should eat for living, not live to eat. And the plan is just about that. So go for this plan, if you want a stable weight loss for long time.
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