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Banana Diet- Can It Help You Lose Weight?

Banana diet has now a star following. The famous Japanese opera singer Kumiko Mori has admitted to losing 15 pounds on a "Morning Banana Diet" which created a mini-shortage of bananas in the market of Japan. Here is some more revelation on how a banana diet can work wonders for those who are obese.

Banana diet is a high-fiber, low carb diet that intends to cut down upon the calorie intake but control the hunger pangs of dieters. It is an extremely simple diet plan in which one has to follow very simple rules. They are-

* Not eating anything after 8 p.m.
* Staying away from ice cream, dairy products, desserts and alcohol after dinner.

Other than these two rules, there is only freedom in a banana diet. However, one is required to begin the day with bananas and water at room temperature. After that, there is freedom to have anything (which is not too high on calories) for lunch and dinner.  One sweet snack is allowed in between lunch and dinner.

There are different theories about how the banana diet works. According to one theory there are certain enzymes present in bananas which help in the speeding up of digestion process, thereby resulting in rapid weight loss. But that sounds a little too simple as there are already enzymes working on the food we eat.

Another theory suggests that bananas contain a type of fiber called resistant starch. It promotes a feeling of fullness, which eventually results in the body burning the store of fat inside our body. However, this fiber is present only when the bananas are cold. In such a stage, the body does not digest it but passes it on the way it is to the large intestines.

Though it is claimed that a banana diet can result in weight loss, there are no direct evidences to prove it. One can not have a free run when it comes to eating with the purpose of losing weight. There has to some amount of regulation imposed upon what can be eaten. Also, an emphasis upon exercise is also necessary to lose weight.

The advice that one should not eat anything after 8 p.m. is a good one. It would control mid-night binging habits of many people. However, whether this would result in actual weight loss is an argument to be verified a bit more scientifically. Till then, what matters the most is the deficit to be created in the number of calories taken in and the number of calories burned by the body.

The fact that you eat bananas and water as your breakfast meal does not mean anything substantial in your effort to control your metabolism. Even though there is some amount of fiber in a banana, its pure carbohydrate content can evoke your hunger within a few hours, thereby creating a situation in which you would like to binge. If you do that, the entire purpose would be defeated.
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