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The ABO Food Group System

Eat Right for Your Type is a book written by a naturopathic doctor Peter D'Adamo. D'Adamo claims that the foods we eat need to be different for people with different blood groups - A, B, AB or O. His premise is that lectins in food react differently to different blood groups and may cause adverse reactions in the form of allergies, weight gain and other medical conditions.

Different food for different blood groups
The O blood group is the oldest and the most common of blood groups. D'Adamo says that people with the O blood group (the hunters) would benefit if they eat more proteins like lean meat, chicken and seafood. Other foods including whole grains, flour, beans and legumes need to be limited. Also, the hunters need to exercise vigorously.

People with the A blood group (the cultivators), a relatively new blood group believed to have been evolved around the birth of agriculture, would benefit from plant-based foods. More vegan food and less animal food is the way to go for the cultivators. Foods like grains, vegetables and soy are believed to be good for them. Gentler exercises are recommended for people with the A type blood group.

People having blood group B (the nomads) are believed to have a stronger immunity system and a tolerant digestive system. They have the freedom to enjoy dairy products and meat. Foods to be avoided are lentils, wheat and corn. Moderate exercise is recommended for the nomads.

Lastly, people with the AB blood group (the enigma), which is the most recent of blood groups, are in between A and B in terms of dietary requirements. They don't have a strong digestive system and need to avoid poultry and fatty meats. They are allowed other foods like grains, low-fat dairy and some seafood. Exercises for the enigmas should be calming and relatively slow.

Is the blood type diet for real?
Certainly there have been many eyebrows raised and many have questioned the foundation on which this diet is based. Experts say that there are no scientific explanations to corroborate what D'Adamo is propagating. Dietary requirements are based on metabolism and glucose sensitivity, they say, and not blood type. The weight loss that happens on this diet is not because of blood types but because of healthy food! Anyone regardless of blood type will lose weight by eating healthily.

But D'Adamo is confident on his stand and even answers some of the criticism on his website.

The blood type diet is not recommended by experts as there is no science behind it. Every overweight individual needs a diet suited for his or her metabolic rate and medical conditions, and the blood type diet does not address this need.
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