Weight Management

5 Interesting Ways to Lose Weight

Agreed, that losing weight can be quite tedious and taxing. But nevertheless, it is not as difficult as it seems to be. Here are some weight-loss diets that can help you get rid of those pounds. And, if you find sticking to one of these diets difficult, there are some interesting options for you. Read on to know more.

Goodbye carbohydrates
Low carb diets are perhaps one of the most popular diet plans. As the name suggests these diet plans ask you to cut down on your carbohydrate intake. These diets plans are based on the belief that a decrease in carbs results in an equivalent decrease in insulin levels forcing your body to burn the stored fat. Some of the popular low carb diets include Atkins diet, and protein power. Though this diet could even deprive you of food such as fruits that are also an essential source of various other nutrients.

Chuck that fat
Low fat diets are another popular diet plan. Foods that have a high fat content are a strict no-no if you are aiming at weight loss. Fatty foods are a storehouse for calories and cutting on them can help you reduce weight. A loophole with these diets is that they ban the good fats such as monounsaturated fats too. These diets do not make distinction between the good fat and bad fat.

Check the glycemic index
The glycemic index diet takes into consideration the effect of carbohydrate containing foods on blood levels. Both the glycemic index diet and the low carb diet are based on a common principle that lowering blood sugar level can lead to weight loss. Sticking to food with a low glycemic index is a little difficult.

Get your meal served
If you are running with a busy or hectic schedule and have little time to ponder over what to eat, then meal providers are the perfect option for you. These meal providers offer ready made meals that are healthy and packed with minimum calories. However, everyone may not be able to afford them on a regular basis. Jenny Craig and NutriSystem are two examples of meal providers.

Replace your meals
Meal replacements may not be a weight loss diet, as to say. But they can be equally effective in helping you deal with obesity as much as other weight loss programs. These meal replacements include less than 400 calories in a meal and are still nutritionally complete.
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