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Jessica Simpson Is Loosing Weight On The 5 Factor Diet

The five factor diet is designed by Harley Pasteenak. He is the brain behind the super fit bodies of many celebrities like Eva Mendes, Elicia Keys, John Mayer and the list is endless. So, this diet plan is not a gimmick. It is indeed very effective and has health benefits too. So you can also follow it and get desired results.

The 5 factors of the 5 factor diet:

* It is a 5 weeks plan.
* Have 5 healthy meals a day in which you can include 5 basic food elements such as proteins, complex carbohydrates, fats, fluids and fiber in every meal.
* Spare 5 minutes to cook meals.
* Follow a 5 day exercise plan that includes 5 simple exercises for 5 minutes each every day.
* Enjoy 5 cheat days in 5 weeks.
Food which can be included in the diet:

Protiens Fats
Carbohydrates Vitamins and minerals
Chicken Olive oil Cereals Fruits
Sugar free beverage
Fish Oat meals Vegetables water
Low fat dairy Brown breads Soups
Egg whites Brown rice flakes Juices
The five factor diet includes basic cardio, strength training and body weight exercises which makes it a very good diet plan to keep fit. The best of all, you don't have to spend hours working out, just 5 simple exercises are to be done for 5 minutes each and you are on the path of a new SLIMMER you.

The "Cheat Day"
It is an easy diet plan, but for those of you who cannot live without their favorite food, its the time to smile as one day in a week is a cheat day. You can have any thing you like without even controlling the portion size. So you don't miss your cherished food item and never run away from the diet pattern.

Benefits for health:
* The diet includes all essential food groups, so it is healthy and effective in the long run.
* It is not a boring diet plan as you can experiment with different types of food.
* It encourages less gap between the meals, thus keeps your hunger pangs at bay.
* It controls your appetite and does not suppress it.
* It also keeps check at the insulin levels so it is healthty.
* It is easy to follow this regulated diet plan not just for few weeks, but lifelong.
* The exercises recommended in the diet are very effective in burning extra calories and tone your body.

All in all, it is a basic diet plan which not only controls the factors which are responsible for the weight gain in the first place but makes you health conscious through out your life. Remember the school days when our teachers used to say stick to the basics for better results.
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