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Are You Looking Forward to Lose Weight through Orlistat?

Orlistat is an important active component of many weight loss drugs. Coupled along with a weight loss diet, it can help reduce excess fat in the body. In the US, it is quite a popular medicine for weight loss and is sold under the brand name Alli and Xenical.

The medicine is available in capsule form. However, it can be had only after the doctor permits you to do so. In fact, its over-the-counter sale is banned across U.S. Without a prescription from the doctor, nobody can obtain it from the local drugstore.

Orlistat reduces weight in a unique manner. It works by interfering with the absorption of fat inside our body. However, not all the fat is expelled out of the body as it will create an unhealthy fat deficit. Only about a fourth of the total amount of fat consumed is expelled from the body. The rest is absorbed by the body to give it the required nutrition.

Before you jump on to the bandwagon of Orlistat takers, it is better to enquire about the pros and cons of consuming the medicine. If you won't do this, the chances of suffering losses are more than those of obtaining benefit out of it. Here is a list of factors that you need to take into consideration before starting on with the medicine.

It is best that you let your doctor know about any allergy to any substance or agent before you begin with the medication. This would avoid the development of any unwanted medical complication during the course of medicine.

Meant for Adults Only
There are no documented records of overweight children being administered this drug. Hence, in the absence of such information, it is best that the drug is kept away from them. Instead, healthy eating and exercises should be the recommended way of weight loss.

Similarly, there are no reports documenting the results of the drug being administered to the elderly. However, if the elderly still want to take the drug then the side-effects they will experience will be the same as those experienced by adults.

Tests carried out in animals did not reveal any damage done to the fetus developing inside the animal's body. However, documented reports of tests conducted on humans are not adequate enough to provide a conclusive analysis. Usage, on the other hand, has shown that the risks posed are minimal.

Interaction of Orlistat with Drugs
Orlistat is usually not to be combined with any other medicine. However, if there is need to do so then the dosage of the other medicine may need to be altered.

Additional Medical Problems
If you are suffering from kidney stones or gallbladder problems, then it is better that you discuss about the use of this medicine with your doctor.

Orlistat interferes with the absorption of fat in the body. Hence, it should be taken either during the meal or within one hour of eating your meal. If you have skipped a meal or have eaten a zero-fat meal then you can skip the dose of Orlistat as well.

Common side-effects of taking the medicine include chills, body-ache, sore throat, cough, headache, fever, nasal congestion, running nose and sneezing. Less common symptoms may involve troubles like tooth or gum problems, tightness in chest, troubled breathing and wheezing. On rare occasions you may experience Pain in ear, change in hearing, contagious diarrhea, bloody or cloudy urine, difficult or painful urination, and frequent urge to urinate.
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