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Top 5 Weight Loss Pills in the Market

It is very much possible to lose weight with the help of medication today. This means that one does not have to undergo those grueling workout sessions or would have to famish upon barely edible diet. Weight loss can be easily achieved with the pop of a pill.

Here is a list of some of the best known weight loss pills available in the market.

Adipex- Adipex is an obesity treating drug that can only be prescribed by a doctor. It contains a powerful appetite suppressor called Phentermine, which is also considered an amphetamine because of the effect it has on neurotransmitters in the brain. While the pill generally does not have any side-effects, some users may develop a dependency on Adipex with prolonged use. Its consumption can also lead to high blood pressure and increased heart rate.

Bioslim- Bioslim is not merely a weight loss pill. Its makers claim that is a complete diet control plan centered around that pill which has to be strictly adhered to. The plan starts with the consumption of an accelerator to put your rate of metabolism in to overdrive for 12 days. After that, you proceed to the Slimtone formula and the Bioslim vita/min plus formula to lose weight and attain the vitamins and minerals your body is looking for. Apart from this, you also have a diet plan and exercise regime to be followed.

Cortislim- This pill claims to induce weight loss by limiting the release of the stress hormone called cortisol. It was formulated by Dr. Shawn Talbot and currently, Window Rock Enterprises has the rights to market it. Its chemical composition includes several common ephedra-free fat burners, minerals, vitamins, and a variety of plant extracts. The pill is considered to be safe although some users have reported the occurrence of jitteriness. Hence, it is important that users take the pill strictly according to the directions stated on the bottle.

Hoodia 750- The main ingredient of this weight loss pill is Hoodia Gordonii, a substance that has been used by African bushmen going on long hunting trips to ward off hunger. The pill contains exactly 750 mg of Hoodia Gordonii, which is considered to be the most powerful hunger suppressant. However, the substance has a tendency to interfere with thirst appetite as well. Therefore, to avoid dehydration, drink a lot of water on regular intervals.

Leptovox- The pill is a combination of 10 super foods- Brazillian acai, garlic, cayenne pepper, soybeans, barley, alfalfa, kefir, flaxseed, wheatgrass, and buckwheat. Users say that these ingredients actually work. However, there is only problem with this type of a 'super mixture'. If anybody has an allergy to any of the substances, then the super mixture can have quite negative results. On the whole, the weight loss pill is easily priced, contains high-quality ingredients and comes with a money-back guarantee.
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