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Phentermine: Will this Drug be Sufficient for Weight Loss

Phentermine is the commercial name of a drug which is known as Adipex-P (or Ionamin). It is quite popular as a weight loss drug as it has a tendency to suppress appetite. However, it is not available over the counter and one needs a doctor's prescription to get it.

The drug is considered to be powerful in its effects. Hence, it is usually given to those who are seriously obese and need medical attention to lose weight. Even in their case, the drug is to be administered for a very short term. Long term use can create dependence.

Whether the drug would cause any real weight loss is a question which has been debated for quite some time. Studies have shown that people have lost weight with the use of this drug. However, they gained it again once they stopped taking the pill. This proves the point to an extent that the drug is not a sure shot way to lose weight, and that people need to do more to become lighter.

The drug can be used effectively along with a diet and exercise regimen. A diet regimen does not mean that you have to starve yourself of food. But, you must keep a check on number of calories you take in. Remove junk foods and high-calorie foods gradually from your diet. In their place, include food rich in protein and fiber in the diet. Also, regular exercise is very important.

Phentermine in conjunction with these practices can help us to avoid weight gain for long period of time. The drug would suppress the hunger pangs felt by us. The diet would have less calories and more nutrition. Exercise would help us to rapidly burn the fat that we had gained all these years. Such a mix of three elementary things would help us lose weight quite rapidly (and not gain it easily as well).

To conclude, Phentermine alone can not work wonders. It has to be combined with other methods of weight loss. Users would also need to pay attention to the drug's side effects like constipation, dry mouth, irritability, blurred vision, and sleeplessness. Also, if you are suffering from conditions like high blood pressure, heart disease, glaucoma, an overactive thyroid gland or diabetes.
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