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Should You Use Weight Loss Pills? Know the Pros and Cons

While it may be easy to gain it, it is not that easy to lose weight. People have tried various diet plans and exercise routines to lose weight. But these have generally failed, the reason being half-hearted attempts. As a result, people have explored other options of losing weight. Consuming weight loss pills is one of these options.

Eating pills seems to be the easiest method to lose weight to many people. Hence, they keep on gorging these pills down, thinking that they would work a miracle on their appearances. In most cases, these pills do have an impact on their bodies. However, there are wide gaps in the outcome. Before you too jump on this bandwagon, take some time out to consider the following things.

To begin with, know that weight loss formulas are generally available in two forms - over the counter formulas and prescription drugs in the form of pills.

Over the counter formulas can be had from any local drugstore. No prescription is needed to purchase them. However, just because that they are available easily does not mean that they are safe for consumption. They can side effects such as gastrointestinal problems, skin problems, and disruption in sleep. In some extreme cases potentially fatal reactions can occur.

Further, if you are already on medication for ailments like heart disease or high blood pressure, then consumption of over the counter supplements can interfere with them. On occasions, this can be a dangerous prelude to a situation that you are not aware of.

Further, you buy these supplements under the impression that they would result in weight loss. However, there are no facts to back this claim. What is in stead written is that they work in conjunction with a diet plan and work out regime. Most people miss out on this point and end up using these supplements indiscriminately.

The other type of weight formula is that of prescription drugs that come in the form of pills. These are prescribed by your physician only as the last resort in your attempts to lose weight. These are essentially of three types. First are those which curb your appetite with amphetamine-like effect. The second is another hunger suppressant called Sibutramine. The last one is orlistat, a chemical substance that interferes with the absorption of the fat you eat.

Not all of these weight loss pills are completely safe. They all have potential side effects and their indiscriminate and prolonged consumption has to be strictly avoided. As it has been said earlier, they are only as a last resort in your endeavors to lose weight. And again, they have to be consumed in conjunction with a weight loss diet plan and regular exercise.
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