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Are Weight Loss Pills A Solution or Part of the Problem?

Most people try different things to lose weight, including diet pills, weight loss supplements, weight loss drugs, prescription weight loss or any other weight loss medication that they can get their hands on.

In this fast scramble to reduce weight quickly, we do not stop to think even a bit about the possible side effects of these pills. People forget the basic the effect of weight loss pills will depend upon individual physiology and body requirements.

We have to keep in mind that in reality there are only four products that help us to loose weight. These four products are CLA, or Conjugated Linoleic Acid, HCA, Hydroxycitic Acid, phaseolomine and 5-HTP.

Conjugated Linoleic Acid helps reduce body fat and increase the level of lean muscle tissue. This has also been proved by a Scandinavian Research team, who published their article in The Journal of Nutrition. There are a number of adverse effects of this substance and it has been linked with certain forms of cancer.

Hydroxycitic Acid slows down the enzyme that converts carbohydrates to fat. Malabar Tamarind is a good source of this acid. It also helps in suppressing the appetite, but if one takes a high fiber diet then it may prove to be ineffective.

Phaseolomine works by reducing the amount of starchy carbohydrates that the body absorbs. Any weight loss pills that are used to block the absorption of carbohydrates will contain this substance. As you absorb fewer calories, you lose weight. It also helps to burn the core fat. Wouldn't it be great if you could eat more without being worried about the amount of calories burnt? White kidney beans are a good source Phaseolomine.

5HTP works by increasing the level of an enzyme called Serotonin in the brain. An increase in this enzyme helps to stabilize emotions. The person who takes it can sleep more soundly and lose weight. A lot of a weight loss pills contain this product. Even the weight loss pills that are used to suppress appetites contain this. Incidentally, it is also a mild anti depressant.

An ideal pill should be such that, that can help you lose weight quickly but without losing your health. You must not rely on any weight loss pill unless and until you have checked its credentials yourself. Consult your family physician or a nutritionist for advice.
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