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Zumba Dance Your Way To Weight Loss

Zumba is an exercise dance fitness program that was basically started in 1990's by a famous Colombian choreographer. This form of dance gained popularity in 2001, especially in USA. This program is also quite popular in many other countries, including Australia. Classes for Zumba are given by licensed practitioners in major gyms of Australia or it can even be learnt at home with the Zumba exercise DVD's.

Zumba is particularly a workout program set on the tunes of music. Besides, it is more or less worked out on the lines of traditional aerobics. Zumba began when Colombian native Beto Perez who was also an aerobics instructor forgot his music CD on the way and instead of that used his Latin CDs to teach. Students loved working out on the tunes of Latin music. And, Zumba came into existence.

Zumba to lose weight
Dancing is perhaps a great exercise and it helps burn a lot of calories. So, follow the below mentioned steps to lose weight and get into shape via Zumba.

* Look for a Zumba class near your area or simply browse through zumba.com and enter your zip code. If possible, try several Zumba classes and find out that the one you are trying is too easy or too difficult. Each Zumba instructor has his style of teaching as well as level of difficulty. So, look for options.
* Dressing for Zumba dance is another important thing. Dress aesthetically for your fitness class. Wear comfortable sneakers that allow you to move freely as well as wear comfortable T-shirt and sweat pants.
* For effective weight loss, go for Zumba classes at least for a week. In a particular Zumba class, you can burn 500 to 800 calories as it is based on the principle of interval & resistance. Weight loss is also dependent on the intensity of your body. You can also practice Zumba moves on the tune of Latin music at you home. Find some clips of Zumba dance on internet or buy a Zumba DVD. This way, you will get comfortable with the dance moves and will burn calories easily.
* Now besides Zumba dance, follow a low-fat diet. You can also refer to the charts and information pertaining to calories as well as healthy food choices. So, structure your meals well and lose weight faster.
* Apart from diet and Zumba dance, maintain a food journal. In this journal, write down your goals related to weight loss and your accomplishments. Also, note down class schedule for Zumba on a calendar and keep record of whatever you eat.

So, try Zumba dance and feel the difference yourself.

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