Weight Loss Guide

How to Set Weight Loss Goals

The primary reason why most people are not able to fight obesity is because they set goals that are unrealistic or too high above their expectations. Setting weight loss goals is the first and perhaps the most crucial step in the process of losing weight. Thus you should know how to do this step right, else the following process too will fall apart.

Daily goals
Losing weight is not something that could happen in the next couple of seconds leaving a slimmer you behind. The process is a constant one, where you need tow put in effort each day to achieve your goals. Since you need to make an effort on a daily basis to lose weight, begin by making goals for a daily bais too.

Say for instance you could set a twenty minute walk for each day. If you find walking for twenty minute difficult, split this walk. Walk for ten minutes in the morning and ten minutes in the evening. Similarly, you could set a daily goal for your diet too. Try reducing your portions by one tenth. Setting small and easily achievable goals in the beginning will prepare you for the more ambitious ones that lay ahead.

Intermediate goals
Now that you have become accustomed to your daily goals and have started to achieve them too, it is time to take the next step. Switch on to intermediate goals that are slightly more ambitious than your daily goals.

You could now stretch your daily walk of twenty minutes to an hour or forty five minutes. Reduce your portions by one fifth now. This will slowly help you proceed to your next step in fighting obesity. However while setting these goals make sure that you don’t get overambitious and your goals are realistic enough.

Long term goals
Now that you have taken the next ambitious step in the process of weight loss, it is time to look at the bigger picture. Consider the total weight that you want to lose. Also take note of the timeframe in which you want to lose the given weight. Depending upon these two factors, chalk out a suitable weight loss plan for yourself. 

Go for a longer jog, eat right and start making healthier choices. Shop for the right things and learn ways to prepare your food nutritiously. And make sure that you keep u your self confidence at all times.

Reward yourself
If you have been good enough and have been achieving all your goals, you do deserve to be rewarded for the same. Shop new clothes because you have lost weight, get yourself a spa treatment or anything that you love doing. You deserve it. Truly!
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