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How to Get Those Sexy Legs?

If having those model like perfect legs is your heartfelt desire, then its time that you make your earnest wishes come true. Quite contrary to what you had thought, great legs are not just a nature’s gift, which only a select few are endowed with. They are made with effort.

You might not be one of those fortunate few who are born with long and slender legs.  But you certainly can have those meticulously crafted legs, provided you are willing to put in a bit of legwork. A little effort will add that perfect lift in the rear, a curve in the thigh and a well sculpted calf making you a leggy babe.

Whenever you are choosing a workout for your legs, make sure you choose a comprehensive one that works on all parts of your legs. Your leg work should be such that it works on quads, hamstrings, glutes, inner thighs and calves equally. For this purpose, go in for an array of exercises rather than settling on one single form of exercise.

A leg workout is not just for those who want shapely legs. No doubt, working on your legs will render them a slim and slender shape. But a leg workout will at the same time enhance the power of your legs. These leg exercises are going to change the way you jump, walk, run or dance. You will be able to do all these tasks with a lot more power and strength.

Here is a perfect leg workout regime for you.

* Begin your regime with dumbbells that weigh between three to five pounds. Increase this to 8 to 15 pounds gradually.

* Perform one set of one to 12 repetitions of each exercise. Gradually increase this to three sets. This workout should be performed only thrice in a week with intervals in between.

* Take the first set of repetitions slow. Increase speed in the second and third set. However, make sure that you still hold control.

* Add a thirty minutes cardio workout session to the above. Take up any of your favorite exercise- walking, swimming, running, cycling or even dancing. If you can’t do it for thirty minutes at a stretch, break this into smaller workout sessions.

For firm and shapely legs, most exercisers will suggest some or the sculpting moves. However sculpting moves alone may not be sufficient to bring your legs back in shape. This is because sculpting moves are not vigorous enough to burn off your extra calories. This is why you must supplement sculpting moves with high calorie burning cardio workouts. A mix of moderate to high intensity cardio along with strength moves will gradually help you decrease fat.
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