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Know More About The Weight Loss Patch

Though weight loss patch is quite effective in helping you fight obesity, it has been involved in controversies of sorts ever since its very inception. Let us know more about this weight loss product in detail.

What is it?
In simple words, weight loss patch is an over the counter weight loss solution that aids in fighting extra pounds. Unlike other weight loss products that help you reduce overall weight, this product reduces weight in patches. So, you can use it to eliminate extra fat from select areas such as hips, legs, arms, waist and the like.

However, there may be some weight loss patches that can be used to bring down overall weight. These patches are usually applied on the arms and legs.

How does it work?
These weight loss patches follow a multi dimensional approach to help you fight obesity. They stimulate your thyroid gland, which is essential for maintaining optimal weight. By stimulating your thyroid gland, they keep your metabolism going. This in turn enables you to burn more calories, which eventually leads to weight loss. To add on, they also aid in breaking down the fat tissue.

The key to the working of these weight loss patches lies in the ingredients they put to use. One of the primary ingredients used in this product is Fucus vesiculosus. This is a brown algae that increases the iodine content of the body. This stimulates the thyroid gland and boosts metabolism, resulting in weight loss. This ingredient is also known to control cholesterol problems.

Are there any risks involved?
Several studies and researches have revealed that there can be numerous side effects of using these weight loss patches. Since these patches need to be applied externally on your skin, they may lead to skin irritation. This is more so in case you have sensitive skin.

Besides, prolonged use of these patches can lead to an iodine overdose in the body. This can even lead to conditions such as hyperthyroidism. The FDA has time and again warned against the use of weight loss patches.

How to use?

Using these patches is pretty simple. Ideally, these weight loss patches are placed on the arm and the leg and need to be replaced every day. While everyone can use these patches, there are certain section of people who should refrain from using them. These weight loss patches are not advised for pregnant women, diabetics, high blood pressure and heart patients.

Make sure that you consider the pros and cons of these products well before you give them a try.

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