Weight Loss Guide

Useful Tips on Losing Weight

Losing weight is one of the toughest and the most taxing of exercises. We are always on a lookout for some new way to lose weight or a weight loss tip.

Given below are a few tips that you can benefit from.

Weight Loss Tip 1: Throw away all those weight loss pills, weight loss supplements and other such paraphernalia that you have accumulated. One thing must be clear and that is that there is no short cut to a healthy weight loss.

Weight Loss Tip 2: Start your day on a healthy note. Eat many fruits. Eat whichever fruit you like, but make sure that you do not eat only one kind of fruit everyday. This might lead to a deficiency of a particular nutrient.  

Weight Loss Tip 3: Stop eating a lot of meat. Restrict your intake of meat to thrice a week. Believe me even this amount is enough. This will be easier on your stomach and you will feel lighter.

Weight Loss Tip 4: Now add as much fibre as you can to your meals. Eat salads, but make sure that the salads do not have dollops of high fat mayo based dressing. Use vinaigrette instead.

Weight Loss Tip 5: Avoid any type of canned or processed food, as these foods lack in nutritional value and are loaded with fattening corn based sugary syrups and other things that are needed to preserve food. Try to eat nutritional food that would fill your stomach and add to your health.

Weight Loss Tip 6: Eat raw vegetables. Raw vegetables are good for you as they have fiber and since they are raw, the nutrient content is intact.

Weight Loss Tip 7: Restrict your intake of dairy products to three times a week. This does not mean that three meals of yours would constitute of only dairy products. In fact, you will have to make sure that even in those three times you eat only a reasonable amount of these.

Weight Loss Tip 8: This is the most essential weight loss tip that I give you. Do not think that only by reducing the calories you will lose weight. No! In fact, to tone up your body and to make sure that your skin is as radiant as before, you have to exercise. Walk for half an hour five times a week to lose weight and then to maintain your weight you can walk thrice a week.

So, follow these weight loss tips and see a healthy you blossoming!

Weight loss is something that everybody wants but nobody is ready to take the steps towards a necessary positive direction. Weight loss takes time so have patience. If super diet pills and tablets were effective in shedding those extra pounds, America would be the fittest country in the world. Still, we are fat. These tips are not new. They are based on common sense. It is all about common sense. I am sure this will surely help you in your quest. If you wish to shed 10 lbs from your weight in the next one month, you should read and follow the following seven tips.

Tip 1. - First of all, start your breakfast without the regular eggs and bacon. Instead, eat plenty of fresh fruits. It would be nice to skip cereals too. Do not think much about calories. Get a full diet that includes more fruits such as oranges, bananas, strawberries, mangoes and watermelon until lunch.

Tip 2.-Most of the people like to eat meat at every meal. Digesting meal is the hardest for the body.  Cut down on red meat, as it is not as healthy as poultry and fish. All said and done limit the consumption of meat, poultry or fish to three servings per week,

Tip 3.-You should raise the amount of salad and green vegetables in your meal. If you are taking salads at a very small amount, increase that amount. It should be the center of the meal. Dressings should be limited to the minimum including those of low fat variety. You are sure going to taste the salad better.

Tip 4.-Processed foods should be limited as much as possible. Breakfast cereals and granola bars are known as health foods, but in reality, they have little nutritional value. If you observe the amount of processed food out the market, you can understand the cause of so much obesity in the country. You should eat more of wholesome foods. At least your children deserve that.

Tip 5. - Eat as much vegetables as you can. Raw vegetables are your best bet. You can simply term raw vegetables along with fruits as the magic food to shed weights. Have more of fresh fruits and vegetables to shed those extra kilos. 

Tip 6. -  Dairy products should be minimized to three meals per week. Confused? It is because it has been often told that you need to eat dairy products every day at every meal. That is not really the case. Dairy products are high in dietary cholesterol and fats.

Tip 7.-The most important thing is that you should have regular exercise. Exercise helps strengthen the heart and increase the metabolism rate. Instead of vigorous intense exercise once a week, you should go for regular exercise. Regular exercise will surely do wonders for your health.

Always remember that there is no magic pill. Your lifestyle is the root cause of your gaining excess fat. Follow a healthy lifestyle and you are sure going to be the owner of a perfect health without any excess weight. I hope that you will find the above tips very helpful to lose weight.
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