Weight Loss Guide

How to Get Rid of Obesity

‘Obesity’- the word may sound like a problem that will never be able to find a successful solution. But this is not so. Getting rid of obesity is simple and easy and you too can do it.

Log your food
Writing down whatever you eat is a good way to be accountable to yourself. Maintain a food journal and keep a tract of everything that you eat. This will make you more accountable towards yourself and your weight loss goals. Go through your food journal of the day before and make not of any changes that you would like to make.

Get moving
The right diet must be complemented with the right exercise for anyone who wishes to lose weight. Go out for a thirty-minute brisk walk or hit the gym for an intense workout. Any form of moderate to intense exercise for forty-five minutes can prove to be of great help in losing weight.

Cardio is the way
Of course there are plenty of exercises that you have to get rid of obesity. But nothing really works like cardio. Start doing any form of cardio exercise and you shall see yourself lose weight easily. When opting for a cardio exercise, look for something that you enjoy. This will make you stick to your exercise routine. If you don’t like walking, start jumping.

Sexy legs
Lunge, squat, lunge is the way to go, if you want those supermodel like legs. Start lunging anywhere, anytime. Lunge across the stairs at your home and even on the go. And when you see the results you shall love yourself for doing so. You could include a bit of variation once you become accustomed to the lunge. Supplement these lunges with a good fifteen minutes of uneven squats and you are going to love yourself for doing it when you see the results.

Fab arms
All right! It is not just your legs and abs that need to be worked out upon. Your arms need it do. Go in for the magical push up. 3 reps of 20 everyday and you will begin to see you arms shape up. Grab some weight and your arms will feel a lot better. Overhead reps are great if you want to tone the ‘angel’s wings’. Work out on your arms on a regular basis.

Energy boost
While you are trying to lose weight, you are going to be losing a lot of energy too. Here are a few ideas that will help you pump your energy, while keeping your weight loss goals in place. Begin your day by eating an apple. It will have similar effect as your cup of coffee. Drink as much water as you can. Not only will you feel full, but you will also feel hydrated.
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