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The showman of the television is now an author. Dr. Phil McGraw, with years of obesity counseling behind him, has written the book The Ultimate Weight Solution: The 7 Keys to Weight Loss Freedom with an eye to change the way America lives.

He stresses on the need for change "inside out" so that fitness and health become as easy as breathing. He wants us to realize our ideal weight and stay there by understanding our underlying relationship with food. Coupled with the right attitude and healthy thinking, he says, we can sustain the benefits for life because unhappiness is what lies at the root of all weight problems.

Dr. Phil doesn't believe willpower alone can help anybody in the long term, simply because it is difficult to sustain. He instead lists out seven keys to regain the reins of your own life:

Right thinking: Be free from negative thoughts and feel good inside. Belief in yourself is the most important key to achieve your weight goal.

Healing feeling: Don't attach yourself emotionally to food. Let not depressive thoughts lead you to eat excessively or eat unhealthy foods. Situations in life can be dealt with in other ways. Learn to change yourself for the better.

No-fail environment: Change your office and home to your benefit. Let your environment remind you of your health goals.

Mastery over food and impulse eating: Identify your patterns of overeating. Do you binge because of certain incidents? Learn to break your negative habits.

High-response, high-yield nutrition: Eat foods that require efforts to prepare and chew. Discard processed, ready-to-eat foods available easily.

Intentional exercise: Exercise regularly and burn those calories. Exercise raises the metabolic rate and keeps you energized both- physically and mentally.

Circle of support: Get yourself a support group as like-minded individuals wanting to lose weight boost each other's spirits.

Dr. Phil explains how to program your mind for success and develop a healthy, happy lifestyle for permanent weight loss. There are no quick-fixes and no shortcuts. It is all hard work and you must change.

There are lots of helpful tips given in the book. For example, if you feel like drinking a beer in frustration, lift some weights instead. Not only will the frustration fade, but will also open a new dimension of thinking.

* If you follow the plan to the word, there are going to be immense benefits for sure.
* This is a lifestyle guide; not merely a weight loss program.
* Results in permanent weight loss and a great deal of self-esteem.
* Simple portion control techniques given in the book.
* Diet is in accordance with the American Dietetic Association guidelines.

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