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How to Lose Weight through Acupuncture

Acupuncture has been quite popular as a healing therapy. In it needles are injected into the body of the patient to increase the release of painkillers secreted by different body glands. According to some recently emerged theories, acupuncture can be used in order to fight obesity. However, the claim needs to be substantiated with some concrete medical findings. Right now, let's focus upon a very broad understanding of acupuncture, obesity and weight loss.

Obesity, the state of being overweight, is brought about by a steady accumulation of fat inside our body's fat depot. The factors contributing to it can be many but chief amongst them are high-calorie diet and lack of avenues to burn them. The surplus which is created between consumption and utilization is then transformed into fat and stored inside our body.

As hinted earlier, accumulation of fat is a process spread over few years. Hence, losing this accumulated fat will also take the same amount of time if not less. On most occasions this can be extremely frustrating and demoralizing, forcing the individual to give up on the idea of losing weight. It is exactly at this moment that acupuncture can make a positive intervention.

The natural painkillers released during an acupuncture session can help an individual to cope up with the frustration and fatigue that sets in after his/her repeated failures in his/her attempts to lose weight. The fluid secretions from different glands of the body rejuvenate the mood of the individual and make him/her feel motivated and energetic once again. Now he/she is once more ready to take up the challenge of losing weight.

To make acupuncture really work for you, you need to do the following things:

* Use acupuncture as a part of a weigh-loss program. Do not solely rely upon Focus on a weight loss diet and exercises

* Undertake acupuncture sessions only from a qualified acupuncturist.

* There are certain factors affecting the intervals at which treatments are carried out. If an individual has severely over-eaten, the treatment may continue for five consecutive days. For those who want to lose only 5-10 pounds, treatment can be either thrice or twice a week. The frequency can change as individuals reach closer to their goals.

* It is important to stick to the plan that you acupuncturist has designed for you. Do not waste his as well as your effort by indulging in binging. Have some restraint over yourself and you would see it paying off in the form of a shapely body.

* It is advisable that you visit your acupuncturist even after you have reached your goal. When seasons change you can again gain this weight. Hence, it is essential that you maintain the balance of your body.
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